Recommendations for Demons of protection?

Recently, I’ve been working on removing oppression and negativity from my life. I have turned to Michael for protection. But, this issue has been so long lasting and pervasive (hindsight is 20/20), I want a two pronged approach. Fighting fire with fire, so to speak. My research has been fruitless…at least so far as “no one” has really tickled my fancy.

Asmoday deals with invincibility. I’m not confident that is meaning what I need.

I am hoping for your input and opinion.


There is probably many… Lets wait for other’s suggestions but what i really wanted to say that “Deals with invincibility” sounds interesting, i really too wonder what is the meaning behind that :smiley:

Freedom from oppression makes me think of Belial.

Opfaal, from Kingdoms of Flame or For’tash and Kru’vest from the Book of Azazel.

You might already have a guardian - I turned out to have one, and you can maybe get a reading or ask them to send you a sign you can understand (don’t forget that last bit!) in order to connect.

I’m big on forging relationships with spirits, including those we call demons, so looking for pre-existing links fits with that; and also my experience when I’ve healed people is that everyone without exception already has an array of spirits of different types linked to them and (often) looking out for them, so perhaps that’s something to explore as well as choosing some being from their known attributions.

You all are awesome!!

Funny, I have asked for my guardian(s) to communicate and identify themselves to me all to no avail. Which is funny, because I have a resident spirit named Annabelle, who readily communicates with my boys rather than me.

I really enjoy Asmodays energy, but I haven’t felt that 100% vibe that it’s right.

What is your opinion on utilizing more than one for the same goal?


Nebiros is the only spirit I know who can devour anything that’s parasitizing or possessing you and prevent new attachments from being made. Many entities can detach, drain, or dematerialize nasties, but in serious cases they can be back in a matter of days. He will also make you aware of problems you aren’t aware of, which puts him above most of the spirits from the Lemegeton and the Archangels - many nasties are very clever and have worked out ways to avoid detection by these spirits. In really bad cases, Michael can only help you if you KNOW ABOUT THE PROBLEM and invoke so his energy is closer than theirs. The pentacles in the Key of Solomon are extremely helpful too.

Many mysterious “psychological” and health problems are actually parasite/possession problems.

Very interesting Sultitan, this makes me wonder if there is something even for me that only Nebiros could tell me.

Although i’m “quite sure” that it would have came to knowledge in some of my recent divination’s i had if i had parasites.

My instinct suggests its less “oppression” and more lack of personal power. Not to say there isn’t oppression going on, but a really big gun and the will to use it often dissuades the tyrant.

Have you yet worked with Lilith? I hear she’s got some righteous hardware in stock.

I really value this input!

Lady Eva, I have asked for my guardian(s) to directly communicate with me, to no avail. I’m sure it’s me.( I get the positivity confirming my intuition in the tarot, but now I’m thinking I’m not asking the right question.) It’s ironic because I have a spirit, Annabelle, who resides in our home. But, she communicates more with me boys…not me.

Dittos via Blake Flame to Sultitan. I am very healthy spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Long story short: For about the last 5 years, I have had to fight, literally tooth and nail for things that no one should have to fight for. My situation was just stagnant with no progression for awhile; then slowly got worse. It culminated with me being attacked by birds. Funny, but not. I literally killed 10 birds in 11 days with my truck. It was then, that I had enough and began to assert myself and literally made it stop. And, became more proactive. I was the proverbial frog in the pot of boiling water so to speak.

I was told by an highly respected resource about the oppression and how fortunate I was to have enough energy/power to stop the attack and be where I was. I’ve been ruminating on this for awhile and haven’t found the vibe of who to work with for the last piece. Hence, the post.

Creed, I appreciate your opinion. Actually, everyone’s!

I am now “embracing,” owning and expanding my personal power, but I want excellent back up.

No, Creed, I haven’t worked with Lilith. Would you mind elaborating on her righteous hardware?

[quote=“colleen, post:10, topic:4306”]Creed, I appreciate your opinion. Actually, everyone’s!

I am now “embracing,” owning and expanding my personal power, but I want excellent back up.

No, Creed, I haven’t worked with Lilith. Would you mind elaborating on her righteous hardware?[/quote]

Lilith is THE spirit to go to for women wanting their own independence, especially from deceitful or domineering men.

Just invoke your ancestors.