Recommendation on a book?

Sorry for asking this. I know that someone here will likely know someone who worked on this book.
I am wondering if someone can tell me if they think the “Grimoire of Angels” from ,Archan is worth the 70 dollars US.

I am trying to work within the kabbalistic tradition. That means Angels (here, there, everywhere) so.
Anyway, this is like 10 times more expensive than the Kindle GoM books, so does Archan have a good reputation with this book.

sorry for this, if this is your book, or your buddies book.

Anyway, if it is worth it I will buy it.

Not sure if I should answer or not as I cant answer your question but- when I wanted a book that was super expensive, or when I want anything tbh that’s too expensive…

I find im able to manifest finding the same thing cheaper within a few days… I just keep googling it and it’ll pop up. You could try manifesting it to show up cheaper?


If u look abebooks, bookfinder. Maremqgnum. Com twy may have it cheap on paper, but if it whirt $80,go for u may resell later on

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I could not find this book anywhere else. So I bought it. It is 489 pages and from what I can tell (I haven’t read it yet) it is stuffed full of good stuff.

From a kabbalistic perspective; I need this book.

On the other hand, I was going to do a working to Sachiel tomorrow because it is Thursday and now I won’t be able to. I need to digest about 80 pages of stuff on Sachiel to make sure I am getting it right.

There is ritual stuff in here too.

It was expensive but I think it was worth it.

Thanks to everyone for trying to help me save a little money.

Unless I can make sort of 2 runs at Sachiel. One run to get him to bless my Turquoise, and then another next week when I have read the book.
People re-charge talismans, why can’t I have 2 workings on the same object.
I mean, I burnt a candle to him and said a prayer every day this week just to get to know him.

Is it possible for me to have 2 sort of consecrations on the same object.
Or maybe I could make my turquoise for carrying around and have a second ceremony for making a normal talisman.