Recommendation for books on Lucifer

Need some good books on Lucifer other than Asenath Mason’s books
and overpriced ones.

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Micheal w ford
Wisdom of eosphoros

Theres an nice invocation in it also that i noticed JD temple used in a vid.

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The Bible

Interesting that The Bible is a suggestion. I’ve heard it said that Jesus was a living avatar of Lucifer. It makes sense in a way if you look at the connections. During my own attempt at Invoking Lucifer he said something that caught me off guard.

“I was the first, and will be the last. Drink of my blood and eat of my flesh” and so I did, and ate the offerings I had made. If you think about it, it makes sense in a way. Lucifer was the first creation, Jesus was the “son of god”. Coincidence perhaps, but food for thought


In my years learning Qabalah with the western ceremonial magic school, the interplay and relationship between the symbolism of serpent and sun came up a lot. Now, with a bit of Jung and Nietzsche under my belt, I’ve come to understand that serpent and sun mysteries are symbolic of the interplay between the subconscious and consscious minds (respectively). Thus the relationship between Christ and the Edenic serpent (from one perspective, Lucifer) would be symbolic of the same psycho-spiritual interplay.


Perhaps it is for the reasons mentioned above that Eliphas Levi decribed his Sabbatic Goat figure in his Dogma and Ritual of High Magic as “The Christ of the dissident priesthood” and “the god of the primitive gnostic schools” Lévi, trans. Waite, “The Sabbath of the Sorcerers,” pp. 288-292.

Again, perhaps these are reasons why many schools of traditional witchcraft have a strong gnostic flavour to them.

Of course the above statemets would be highly provocative to those who would draw clear and sharp distinctions between right and left hand paths.

The truth is, as always, more complex then such simplistic, reductionist and dogmatic reactions.