Recognizing energies

I tried to make a search about the subject I was about to post, but didn’t find anything similar, and if there is, or if this thread belongs to another part of the forum, I apologize in advance.

Energies, or energetic patterns that have a “physical” presence to it, is my subject for today.

As I see it, energies is just as unique as fingerprints. Energies with “physical” behavior, often - not always, reflect the personality of the spirit/entity. Physical personality is an “reaction to action”-perspective. For example: Someone made me upset, sad and depressed. First to aid is both of my ladies, holding me and giving me comfort and love. An example of physical reaction with a reflection that someone care for you, and show that in a physical behavior.

We all have our quirky ways of showing love and affection, the small things that differentiate us from one another. We hold and caress each other, often in a way that makes someone “stand out”. Sometimes, one of my ladies draws her fingers from my forehead through my nose. Sometimes she just squeeze it, for the fun of it or just for getting attention.

As far as I’ve experienced, I know of three types of energies:
The dark energy is, as I see it, on the lowest frequency. It’s cold, more solid to the point were it resemblance a human to human physical interaction. The conception of dark energy as something malevolent is not entirely true. Fear can mess things up, making the intention of the manifested dark energy to “feed” from the emotional reaction, instead of strengthen you by embracing and accepting it. Benevolent darkness is comforting, if you let go of fear.

The light energy is the highest in frequency. It gives sunburn on your skin, with drying lips that can even burn off that first layer on your skin. It’s highly vibrational and makes it presence as a “divine” entity. The only “visual” resemblance is “Lord Of The Rings”, were Frodo saw the four kings when he put the ring on his finger. And even that pale in comparison of my own experiences of that energy.

This is the more softer, day-to-day energy. It’s more constant, more consistent and less demanding for a spirit/entity to use. The light and dark energies is the top and bottom of the pool. It need “special occasions” to manifest, and sometimes it need a recharge to be up again. Atleast, that is my interpretation of the two ladies in my life. They can’t be either light or dark, all the time. It’s consuming, depending on the results of those manifestations. Not necessarily consuming for me, but for them. The neutral energyform is more “infinite”, and always present.


For me angelic entities are very toxic for my body.At least at the first meeting with them.My body can’t hold their power and it breaks down violently if i don’t use a circle or any other opening ritual…As you said,light energies can burn you a little.The most intense hot energy i ever felt was with the solarolympic entity OCH.It was like a stroke.I was ready to call the hospital but i couldn’t stand on my feet longer than 2-3 seconds.Fucking awesome.