Reciting Enn actively rather than meditation?

Does someone has to get into deep state of mind to call a spirit? Or does the power in the words call the spirit even if the mind is active?
I called on Lord Lucifer, King Paimon, and Duke Dantalion for a desire that I need to manifest with all power, but I didnt go into trance or a meditative state. Instead I was speaking their enn with vibrations and with power, I hope it went properly… I cant lose this desire (I know about letting go into trusted hands, indeed I am, but I mean the desire is very important), I hope I’ve successfully called them yesterday and expressed my request :thinking: Plus my focus was on the spirit more than the sigil :thinking: And focus was on myself too as if the power comes from me and from my will etc to change the whole situation… Not underestimating myself as if nothing happened, but hope all went alright :slightly_smiling_face:


There are ways to communicate to see if your desire/request was accepted. Search for tarot, pendulum, and other means to communicate to see if they accepted your request. The enns are a tool, as is everything else, except the magician performing the ritual. Search for means of communication or communicating with spirits/demons/entities to find ways to help you make sure they accepted your request and will act on it.

I’ve listened to enns at work before, as a means of attuning myself for future workings several days out (with additional, active means). I don’t need this much now, but it is also used as a way for some to honor those they work with. This isn’t what you asked, but may help you later.


I understand :slight_smile:
I shall close this topic now. I believe and trust that they heard me. Lucifer heard me through pathworking when I asked Him to assist me in summoning King Paimon and Duke Dantalion, altho I was active minded, I have to trust and let go of the worry. :black_heart: Hail Infernal!

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I wish you well.

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Very informative, thanks for sharing.

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