Recent Spike in Attention to E. A. Koetting's Youtube

Recently, a channel on Youtube, h3h3Productions, did a reaction video to one of E.A. Koetting’s older videos about reversing a curse. It has garnered over 100,000 views and has had many people flooding E.A.'s videos with comments and spam.

Here is thie video:

When I saw this, and the comments, it was easy to realize that this was just going to lead to trolling. And it did. Nothing exactly new here. If anything it is bringing more attention to E.A.'s work and that of black magick in general, but it is in a widely negative manner. So while more people will become aware of it none will go at it without a trolling mindset and, instead, will attack based on clothing, hair gel, Christian themes etc. Basically Ad Hominem arguments left and right.

So, what do you make of this? Do you think that the attention is good regardless of it being negative, or is all publicity good publicity? Will this further tarnish the reputation of what we and others do? Will this prevent others who may have been interested in exploring this, trying it for themselves, from taking that first step of at least giving a new experience an honest shot?

[quote=“ErikFyr, post:1, topic:6345”]Hello E.A

Some Youtuber have made a reaction video after watching one of your videos, I would love you to do a response video on this :slight_smile:

Please watch this video:[/quote]

I saw this recently as well. Of course, nothing but Ad Hominems and the like, not even paying attention to other videos and such. However it has 100,000+ views and has brought attention to his channel. I would like to have E.A.'s thoughts on this as well, but I can imagine they would be marginal. Worrying or focusing on this person and people will do nothing. It is best to continue to push forward and, perhaps, enjoy the increase in attention.

No matter what happens, people will believe what they want to believe. And people are afraid of what they don’t understand. Mocking is a form of fear.

What he is doing is coming out of a place of ignorance and fear and short of cursing him, there’s little we can do at this point.

'‘My name spoken,be it in blessing or in curse,is another stone laid upon my empire.’'
EA Koetting,in response to David Griffin’s video,claiming he was THE most infamous black magician out there,among other things.

With every troll,there is going to be someone following the troll,that is smart enough to use this stuff.This is an utter waste of my time,and ten times worse,Eric’s time,just watching that video,much less making a reply.

Frankly,I’m still snickering at the fact that that guy doesn’t seem to realize that the ritual is in fact a curse reversal ,and not curse.

[quote=“ashtkerr, post:3, topic:6349”]No matter what happens, people will believe what they want to believe. And people are afraid of what they don’t understand. Mocking is a form of fear.

What he is doing is coming out of a place of ignorance and fear and short of cursing him, there’s little we can do at this point.[/quote]

I agree, but as I and you have said before cursing is a last result. It is also what he wants, even if jokingly. Giving this man such attention, having such strong emotions and will towards him in order to successfuly curse him. I do not believe these people are coming from fear, but they are coming from ignorance.

I was laughing at that as well. He “expects” that he will get a curse in return from this from E.A.
Even if E.A. did do a curse this man would not take it as a curse and would not even perform this reversal correctly. I’ve learned to enjoy these things more, but it is still interesting to see this sudden spike of attention.

I find it a bit annoying that when there is a video posted that the comments are 9 times out of 10 a spammer or troll. It would be nice to have discussions about the video in the comments, but its not really needed. At the same time, I find it amusing that all those people will sit through a video, whether 15 minutes or an hour and a half, just to troll about every little thing. The trolling doesn’t hinder me from my work and clearly it doesn’t hinder Eric from his, perhaps the only people who really lose out are the absolute beginners who are looking for something like this, then read the comments, and think its fake and go look at sources that may be of a lesser quality. If a magician already has experience under his or her belt, then its safe to say that finding Eric’s videos and reading trolling comments really wont bother them as they will have the ability to take what is spoken about and test it out.

Wanna know something ironic? Lately, I have noticed at least 3 members from this forum trolling E.A. as well. One of them happens to watch and comment on the same videos that I do so I have been running into them for the last 4 months or so and I have watched this person, who used to visit here often and contribute to the community slowly become discouraged by such trolling to the point this person now says they no longer take E.A. seriously and have become one of the trolls that speak out against him. So obviously, even some so called adepts are not immuned to the contagious effects of trolling.

This however, is why I don’t even bother reading the comments anymore and if by accident I happen to scroll down the page far enough and see a few of them, I usually just roll my eyes and say to myself “what a complete fucktard” and then move on about my day. Giving these comments attention fuels them and only encourages others who may have been afraid to speak, to go ahead and speak out when they realize how many other people seem to be on their side so they attack too because they feel secure enough to do so now, knowing that others with the same opinions will guard their weakling asses like attack dogs. Some humans are a pathetic waste of DNA.

Edited to add: I realize not everyone on this forum cares for E.A. or his methods so the person I was speaking of who turned the other cheek and began hating him is not someone who is currently active on this forum. So don’t get upset thinking I am speaking about any of you, this member stopped being active a while back shortly after all of their comments on E.A.'s channel turned negative. And yes, I told him the same thing to his face so I am not saying this behind his back, he knows how I feel.

I just let them know they’re a waste of space. They cannot do anything better with their time. There are many different levels of Parasites; you just have to let them know energetically up front that you will not allow them to feed off and control you :slight_smile: You define the box; not them. Obviously E.A. is not worried

Hehe yes this is kind of free advertising for Become A Living God but the man is just making fun of EA and magick so would be great to hear EA’s response on this :smiley:

There is nothing wrong with making fun of magick, as Robert Anton Wilson wrote: “Magicians take themselves too seriously, they are worried and thinking about all kinds of dualities like good and bad, light and darkness, ego and no-ego, etc., but they tend to ignore the duality of seriousness and humour, which is a great part of not taking one ego too seriously”, or something like that. I personally think that humour must be part of every magician and every person ultimately, seriously.

they’res no such thing as bad publicity.

We’re asking members to please not reply in the Q&A sub-forum, that’s just for questions to Eric, so I removed these replies to here and mertged it with the thread about YT since it seems like a topic people want to talk about.

Personally I thought the video was puerile and the “criticisms” in it could apply to almost all of us one way or another, but whatever.

The fact the guy thinks it’s a curse shows everything you need to know about his critical thinking abilities.

The adage that any publicity is good publicity only applies to people like Kim Kardashian. If you’re trying to teach or sell something, bad publicity drives away students and potential customers. Amazon tightened its rules on reviews because authors considered reviews so important to sales that some were writing fake reviews of their books (and they weren’t negative ones).

I’m inclined to agree for almost all other types of sales and education, but also to wonder whether anyone selling products that relate to black magick would ever be able to avoid some degree of negative publicity?

I’m not saying that’s a good thing, to be honest I don’t entirely know what to make of it at this stage.

Firstly, you have the people for whom magick is close to religion, a method of getting good in the eyes of their god (and therefore mustn’t be “sold” at all - except by their approved sources) - secondly you have the white-light brigade, thirdly you have the jealous, the atheists, and general internet looky-loos who just think any and all magick is “weird” - I mean which of us haven’t laughed at some parody or Onion page, Oatmeal strip etc., mocking some worldview we think is bizarre?

I dunno… I don’t usually read YouTube comments (I have a browser add-on called CommentSnob that blocks them) because they’re notably just about the most verminous hate-filled display of loserdom on the web, and I’m certainly not changing that policy for this stuff, so maybe I’m missing out.

I have only seen one E.A. Koetting parody video, but it’s hard to imagine that anyone who saw it would then be motivated to buy his books or courses, or even join this forum. Criticism from religious leaders or New Agers might not hurt and could even help. On the other hand, criticism from well-known magicians and outright mockery is probably going to hurt.

Regarding Raven’s comment about members of the forum becoming discouraged, I can understand their being disappointed if they haven’t gotten the results they hoped for. However, from eight years of experience at communicating with readers, I know for a fact that many people will not follow instructions. They do what is easier, more convenient, or cheaper. They throw in something they read somewhere else on the internet. They quit if they don’t get instant results. I suggest that before criticizing the teacher, students should first critique themselves.

All publicity is good publicity, imo. Anyone who’s serious about magick and evocation will eventually find out who EA is regardless of videos like this. If a video like that is going to turn someone off to magick then I’d have to say they weren’t serious enough in the first place. Don’t feed the troll. Just saying…

Publicity can go either way. What would drive some people away from something, would lead others right to its doorstep. Most black magicians are hated because they think outside of the box and we do things that others may find strange, stupid or questionable but because of our exposure to weirdness we are usually less judgmental than others. So I agree if watching a video that calls someone stupid, someone whose materials you’ve never even read, would make you stay away from that person then maybe you need to rethink the whole black magician thing? Because most true black magicians would not care about those reviews and would feel better researching that person’s methods for themselves regardless of what others think.

I never pay attention to reviews besides, most “normal” people have horrible tastes so every time I’ve ever watched a movie or read a book that got horrible reviews by the general population, I absolutely loved it. And every movie or book that has 98% positive feedback I loathe every part of it and find myself thinking “So you think THIS is real entertainment? WTF is wrong with everyone?”

And you’re right, there’s nothing wrong with having a sense of humor even at the expense of magick. Anyone that has read a good amount of my posts or follows me on facebook will tell you I have no shortages when it comes to humor. I have found myself reading thru spell books and bursting out in laughter over the ridiculous instructions given by the author, picturing myself performing those tasks made me laugh. I found a ritual one time called the dance of the phallus to balance ones own feminine and masculine energies and I couldn’t even look at that book again for like 3 days without cracking up. Even the spirits we work with have been known to laugh along side us.

Stuff like that has the potential to be great for Koetting as a magician, by reducing ego. I tried to start an Ego Fight Club once to do just that. Was good in theory, but in practice, people aren’t mean when they are exercising free will. Only when they are caught in a shitty pattern. It was kind of a paradoxical request.

That’s only if it’s done well. Something like the one in the OP would probably feed my ego. Anyone with the slightest interest or knowledge of magic would realize that guy doesn’t know anything about magic.

As for damage to the brand, the DKMU uses self deprecation all the time. We think it’s good for business.

I made this one, which in essence was really making fun of myself.

EA said some time ago, that he’d stopped reading his YT comments. I suspect he might cast the odd glance, as the recent love spell video was inspired by a YT comment. YT has become a virtual playground for fucktards. I know I shouldn’t, but sometimes I respond to some of the negative comments, if only to inform the trolls that EA isn’t reading their shit. I even thought of posting my own special version of the “Public Service Announcement” from Eminem’s “Marshall Mathers” album (yes, I confess, I once owned the CD!)
“This is a public service announcement, brought to you in part, by EA Koetting:
EA Koetting does not give a fuck what you think!
If you don’t like it, you can suck his f___ing c__k!
Little did you know, that by commenting on this video, you have just kissed his ass!
EA Koetting is sick and tired of your shit and he’s going to curse you!”