Recent Self-initiation

I recently performed a self initiation as a black magician. The main influence for the text was VK Jehannum’s text you can find here-

I modified it slightly and wrote it down upon a black cloth in gold and silver ink. I added Lucifer and Abbadon to the spirits called upon to witness the initiation.

While writing it out in the paper stage, the presence of Gargophias would hit pretty hard, almost like getting ready to pass out. I almost excluded her from the list, but I decided to keep her in it, because of her deep connection to Necromancy.

I also changed the weird quasi Latin/Greek summons to the demonic enns. I chose cloth in order to use it as an altar cloth in the future. The lettering is also completely invisible when flipped over.

Here is what it looks like written out.


I re-did this today but sealed the paper copy in blood as well as the cloth and ended by drinking my own blood.

There’s a difference. Subtle electric current seems like.

Nice, welcome to the dark side brother!
Let Lucifers light shine upon you!

Very good, that sounds similar to what I experienced.

Hmmm I plan to do the Infernal Initiation described by mr. Kendall in his Infernal Saga post coming weekend. This ones looks very interesting as well

Link that please?

Yes ofcourse, I’ll quote the ritual, but if you’re curious search for “Infernal Saga” that whole post is pretty interesting:


Let me know how it goes when you do it!

Will do ^^

I think doing the Jehannum initiation as well might be overdoing it a bit, but I might try that one too at a later time.

Can you overdo the black? Lol.

Hahahahahahaha touché

I am gonna give this a shot tonight I think.