Recent Experience

Hey all,
I wanted to post my recent experiences about my workings with Azazel.

Well, if anyone knows much of this God-like Demon you’ll know that there will always be residual effects after simples workings with him.

I usually do sigil work with him, sometimes I’ll pray to him(not in a Monothesitic worshipping view, but as a “Partner in Crime”) throughout my daily routine just to establish a connection and bring some of his essence into my presence. When i do sigil working with him, I’ll offer him some of my blood and this i have noticed a potency increase i guess one could say.

But ever sense i started working with him on a regular basis i can feel his energy even when i am not working with him. Just randomly, from time to time I’ll sense his energy enter the room i am in and it will send chills down my back. Its like i feel an energy that makes me feel omnipotent, just with him in my presence. He will pop up out of nowhere! When he pops up i can hear him uttering my name. It is almost like he evokes me. I am still gather information in regards to this theory.

But, i am still working on the awakening of my clairvoyance, but my previous rituals i mainly aimed at establishing a connection to him. So far these little side effects are indirectly forcing my subconscious to know that i am a LIVING GOD.

So i want to thank EA and BALG for helping me on this journey to awakening the God within. There is so much to learn, i have only experienced a drop of water within the entire oceans(of God-Like power).

So thank you ALL!