Recent Dream Of Boy/Angel

I’ve recently had a dream where i became partially lucid and it occurred to me to ask this boy/angel how to see,hear,and communicate with spirits better.The boy/angel didn’t answer my question and just looked at me.I told my magician friend about the dream and why this boy/angel wouldn’t answer me and he said the boy was an oracle and that i probably didn’t ask the right questions.He also added that once i start receiving knowledge that my initiation is underway but that to get there meditation and more ritual practice is needed.

Strange, would you care to describe what this boy looks like or at least send me a PM about it? Reason I ask is because I’ve had 2 magicians tell me they had a dream about me and a little boy that seemed to be an angel using the image of a boy, not as a disguise but just the way he chooses to reveal himself. To respect the privacy of the other people I will not disclose details of their dreams but I will say that both magicians said they saw me standing next to this boy and I was completely unreachable when near him.

They were unsure if the boy was protecting me or if I was protecting him but that anytime they tried to approach us they were unable to move any further like they became paralyzed where they stood, or something invisible would force them back several feet. They didn’t know what the dreams meant but they told me thinking it may have been a message that only I could understand however, I’m just as confused as they are. They said the boy would not speak when spoken to.

Really?That’s interesting because i left out there being a woman with the boy/angel on purpose because i didn’t think that part was important.I’ll pm email you.

Dream characters are retards, no matter how they appear.