Receiving reiki helpful for LHP practitioners?

Hello so I receive a Reiki session once per week and it has strongly helped me to balance my emotions, although, I am starting the LHP Qlifot, vampirism, etc, and would like to know if receiving reiki would be beneficial?

This is because the person that gives the energy does this from a RHP light POV, so would this energy interfere with my path? Should I imagine vampire tentacles and “process” this energy and not just lay there so I benefit from it? Could this be a problem or something positive for me?

LHP and RHP don’t really negatively affect the individual if they do both, so even if someone who is RHP helps someone who is LHP it won’t really do any harm unless there’s conflicting energies within you, and given LHP and LHP aren’t specifically different energies as they’re just empty labels people attach whatever they want to them as of late it doesn’t really matter.


True Reiki, not one of the weird New Age hybrid versions, is a specific energetic current, not really any different from the draconian current, or the angelic current. Essentially, the practitioner plugs themselves into the current in order to use the energy.

The current itself is neutral. However, any channelled energy will naturally be coloured by the beliefs of the practitioner, unless they actually know what they are doing and can direct the energy without their own ego getting in the way.

In my opinion, no, it will not negatively affect you, or your path, because the energy will automatically be processed by your body in whatever way is needed. As @anon48079295 said, unless you have saturated yourself in something like death energy, which is antithetical to a current such as Reiki, you shouldn’t have any problems.


Thanks guys!

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Reiki is a set of techniques of energetic/spiritual healing practiced in Japan before modern era. Right now most of known strains of reiki are rooted in Reiki Usui, but term reiki is more and more used as general term for any kind of energy healing.

Usui Reiki and other alternation of Reiki that were known in his times are based generally on chinese alchemy and traditional medicine (like acupuncture, chigung etc.) ki is translated as energy (or life energy) but it is base of all existing things. It has been said that Ki can differentiate, so there is earthly Ki (heavy), heavenly Ki (sublime), innate Ki (portion we are born with) etc. Balance (or inbalance) of those different Ki’s results in our health or illness (in very broad sense).

Using Rei-ki (heavenly ki) you use very sublime (or divine as other says) version of Ki, but it is still just a Ki (or life energy if you like). For that reason it can be beneficial for practitioner of magic for invigorating effect, can soothe your nerves, replenish you. There are some possible countereffects when you generate strong emotionsduring your practice, and then you use soothing energy practice you can generate unpleasant tensions in your body, emotions or mental states (similarily to breathworks, yoga etc.) But I noticed it mostly in case of practictioners of reiki (daily reiki practice consist of meditation, intensive breathwork, actual energywork and deepening of sensitivity, and specific lifestyle is needed too, it can be harsh to some) and hardly never in case of reiki clients.

So to sum up, Reiki as part of holistic medicine, can be beneficial to replenish or balance energy in body. When you use Reiki often, it can make some tentions, when you use reiki once a week or rare it is almost impossible to make any problems. Just observe yourself and worry not.

Beside of what was said by @anon48079295 and @DarkestKnight and what I put above Any other metaphysical effects and woowoo stories - people tend to repeat constantly - have nothing to do with reiki itself. At the present moment reiki is thought in very poor way, most of reiki teachers I know, don’t give a damn about daily reigime and treat attunement process as magical operation of pluging students into cosmic power plant… to say it one word: rubbish. So when you find skilled reiki practitioner you can feel lucky :slight_smile:

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