Receiving partial results

Hello, good people.

I invoked Dantalion a while back and I’ve just received, I guess what you could call, partial results to the task I asked him to carry out. While there’s still more for Dantalion to do, I’m happy and grateful with what’s just happened.

But I’m also unsure as to how I should proceed. Do I call upon Dantalion and offer him something for the results so far, or do I wait until the task is fully complete?

In fact Dantalion doesn’t work at all (for me) but maybe he wants to work with you and you are lucky. However I would give him some offerings for the particular result.

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When I receive partial results, I show my gratitude and reaffirm my end goal so we’re on the same page. sometimes I make an offering to show thanks, sometimes I don’t. when the entire request is fulfilled, I keep my word and make my offering.

good luck :cherry_blossom:

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Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

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