Receiving Guerrero’s and fear

Hi guys

Maybe fear is not the right word… ok maybe it is lol.

I am a n the process where i will be recieving Guerrero’s from my padrino in the next few months and i have a question.

So my living situation is with my in laws- we get along very well but months ago my mother in law saw my spirit doll and she was asking me about it.

We have our own apartment but we rent from them as they own the whole building.

Usually I keep all of my items concealed like my tarot cards etc but my boveda is the only altar that I have out there.

I know when you have Guerrero’s you have them by your door and maintain them. So my question is what would the experienced people recommend? Is there a way I can place them in a more private area?

Also it’s not possible to move at this time so unfortunately I can’t tale that suggestion

Thank you again!


Eleggua has to go by the door. No exceptions. Ozzun can be placed somewhere higher up as long as it’s facing the door. I recommend Ohuun & Ochosi to be as close as eleggua as posible.

People will argue that they have to be together, but just don’t have them to far apart.

You could also build a house or a small place that could cover them. But again someone may argue that as well.

Do what you need to do. They understand. Just talk to them.


As someone who’s been in the same situation, I’ll share what I did. I put my warriors in my bedroom because it was the only place where they would be secure as I had a lock on my door. Others in the home were against my choice in religion and would have tried to sabotage or throw out my warriors. It worked out fine in my room; you just have to make sure you’re fully clothed around them and nothing sexual can go on in the room either. It’s all about respect.
I made a little house for Eleggua to go in and soon enough I had my own apartment. That was about 20 years ago.