Receiving blackness from Lucifer after he took something away from me

Sorry for the late reply I was working out. How I shut my emotions down (especially the negative one) is through qigong and meditation (see A Unique Meditation Ritual I posted on here) to help build energy and calm my mind. Another way is to write down what you are grateful for, what is your purpos and the gifts you have, and lastly write down your negative traits and filter through them one at a time and asking the spirit you have deep connection to help remove these through a ritual or do shadow work by yourself. You can also do this ritual everyday 20 minutes after you wake up:

This will help greatly and I highly recommend doing this ritual. It helps you improve by 1% a day. I have been doing this fir 75 days straight from day one and I have improved by 75%. If you decide to do this ritual keep a journal to document your progress and experiences. Also make sure do at least one ritual a day to keep your mind active

Even adoring a spirit from a distance will be acknowledge them. Ask your patron spirit about a possibility of working with Lilith or your Patron spirit and Lilith working as team to help you with your acension.

No need to apologize at all.
What you presented here sound like long-term techniques. Maybe I should have explained in more detail what I am looking for (however I will still take your ideas to heart), so I apologize for that.
I do do shadow work for example and I tried Qigong (but didn´t stick to it for whatever reason) and I see the benefits of doing such a work. However I was wondering if there is a more “in the moment”-technique to this, for example like I described in the initial post where my emotions just all went away in an instant. I don´t know if you´ve been doing anything like this but I believe it is possible, but possibly also dangerous. I think this is what I did back when I was around 16 but Im really certain that if you overdo it it comes back and hits you like a brickwall.
What I tried to do today is to “push” all my emotions down, just push them all out of me and it worked to a degree. Now I think I will be working on this to become better at it but at the same time I will try not to overdo it because of the reasons mentioned above.
That aside I will continue with my shadowork as I think it´s a better long-term approach, but having a “right now” method I think will also be beneficial for certain situations.

There is one technique that E.A. Koetting brought out and that is Azazels “Drop Mind” ritual. Can be done in the here and now. Check it out on his channel on youtube:

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Just try to get rid of it

I think he put it there for a reason.
I have to say thank you for commenting though! I totally forgot this ever happened and now I can look at it again. I had some thoughts come to mind already, for one I learned over the past few months to not let people walk all over me like I allowed them to in the past (I showed more of my dark side).
There is more to this but Im too tired right now, might update this tomorrow.