Recalling and Retention and technique

Last night was intense, even during the event i realized i had to really have my ‘shit together’ in order. below is some of what i wrote in my journal afterward.

"Work normal ritual tonight- all was calm and fine. i feel a vibration on the floor under my feet. my eyes were closed and I saw a large 7?footish Broad shouldered Yellow Robed being cross from left to right before me and sat “in me” and then I felt as if I were 2-3 feet wider than normal and very heavy.
He said his name was Ah. Bhol’Antz {current insert> I had to “skry?” out the closest correct spelling, took afew seconds and physical repititions, is that normal?}
of the House { as it were } Ah.Bhol’Ants, which of course is named after him. He is Belials “I want to say ‘warrior’ but “Knight seems most accurate” - Knight Vizier . The entire house is “Knight Visiers”.
My handwriting sucks with eyes closed so I may have to go back to clear up some things. Very Intense brain Thing.
There is a “Call/Enn” to summon them which was given to me;
” O Mal Ahn Nitz Whol Vetce Ni Com hal " I also wrote "Desa Hnt ’ Hi " and "Desa Ahnt Hi " but was kinda blown away and didn’t write what it was.

I asked for a permanent causeway and conduit to commune with "The Other Worlds, mostly Belials though at this time “
He said " { I heard ‘Your’ but wrote } Thy heart is the causeway and conduit- Compel yourself Your Current will draw those meet to your wants and needs”. and in an issue many these days prod me on! “Fear only the punishment you needlessly heep upon yourself”.

Very soon after that the vibration under my feet ended (also the heat) and feeling of swimming slow swirly river current ended and was nothing left but thanks Belial and Ah.Bhol’Ahntz , let them leave asking any who wished to stay within and about me and close.
I need to get technique down for writing while “working” more efficiently."

Feel like I missed alot- how to retrieve effectively is an issue. Got alot of ‘figuring out’ to do.

Got alot of disruption coming my way, possible move to another state to a much much smaller house likely without a room for a Sanctum that I prefer- but we’ll see. Has me lots on edge, thankfully it will occur After the end of the Pact.

15;55- update. I completely did not pay attn, to the following and it was only brought to mind when my granddaughter mentioned it this morning.
immediately after I performed my “Zazas opening and Envokation of Belial” i sat down. immediately I began hearing what I thought was a wind and rain storm hitting the East window [crappy 50y/o one pane] wall of the room i was in. As it is a storm season, I thought nothing of it as it continued throughout the entire ritual time. i was so convinced it was storming i did not even look out the sliding glass door next to my chair in the living room where i normally sit. Only when driving into town when my g-daughter said she was just sure it was raining last night as she could hear the rain sounds hitting the house windows etc. She was sleeping upstairs where the room has an east , west and south facing walls. I almost needed to pull over, as I did notice their was absolutely no sign of wind or rain this morning when i woke up.

kinda wondering how normal that is.