Satan was cast out because he was rebelling against the order. He wanted to become god, and God had no choice but to provide, for Satan asked and he shall receive. So God made him a god by casting him out. Satan is going through a universe of punishment, but it’s necessary pain so that Satan can truly say he is become a God after all that he has experienced.

If we rebel and truly devote our power to our ascent, to become a god, we have to be ready to go through hell.


Through this suffering we discover ourselves. A God does not simply acquire power and exist as nothing but “Godness”. During this seemingly eternal pain we forge our character, our Godhood. The way in which we handle our pain and suffering contributes to how we shall conduct ourselves as divine, ascended, Gods.

I have learned that there is a point where your Ascension and your Pain, or descent into suffering, exists together balanced within our experience. To suffer endlessly and to understand pain and darkness while simultaneously realizing your Godliness… It’s a wonderful feeling.


Good analogy, it’s one way for Christians to better understand Satan as not being Evil. Still, Jehovah is still a douchebag in my eyes.