Reasons why Contact in particular to an Entity/Energy might be blocked by health

A quote from the lessons of the QVAREIA writings on magic- considerations to interpret how/if one is able to Contact (and hold-comm in that Contact)- let alone who/which Energies…

"When you go in vision into the inner worlds and you meet a powerful being, the first thing the being needs to know is if you are generally balanced.
If you are seriously unbalanced, you may be a danger to the inner being, so the very first thing that happens upon inner contact is the being casts its mind to your organ spirits. Your heart speaks of your deeds, of who you are, and the spirits of the liver and kidneys speak to the integrity of the physical and inner body, and its ability to cope with contact.

It is a bit like sitting down in front of a healer who, before speaking to you, looks at the state of your skin, your eyes, your demeanour, and then makes a first assessment of the state of your heath from their observations.
 This is how many inner beings work, and it is not your body they look at, it is your organ spirits. 

If the being can see from your organ spirits that you are ill, about to get ill, or are low in energy or seriously unbalanced, they will immediately break the contact. 

This is experienced by the magician as being ‘booted out’ of vision.

It is not that you have failed or are being rejected— it is that the contact has seen that communication and work in vision would put you at risk." -Josephine McCarthy

Beyond the explicit viewpt above, inquiry into the above issues- may bring up areas of thought not previously considered…

[added edit: also the concept of “health” more than just the surface meaning… first step deeper is ‘energetically-balanced’ and what that means… vs Distorted and Distorting (upon the Entities/Energies interact with)…]