Reaping what we sow

Opinions welcome, if we steal, can we punish a thief? If we murder, cheat, etc can we expect to reap good tidings?


Are you thinking in the Karmic threefold law kinda way?

Cuz I discount that shit. Have had nothing like that happen and I’ve done some shit lol


No. Individual cause and effect, intertwined with conscience.

Yes, although that might be somewhat hypocritical. but there is nothing stopping a person doing that, in fact i’m 90% sure that’s how it’s done most of the time anyway.

All depends on the Individual case and the Individual conscience involved no? There are naturally occurring consequences for everything we do, example if someone goes around lying to everyone they meet, what’s the effect of it, pretty soon none will believe a word they say.

Ultimately it’s up to the Individual to discover for themselves what their own personal principles are then act accordingly, or don’t. But the answer to your question is i think as long as someone is true to who they really are then they can find great success even if it means they are a complete piece of shit.

Dharma is a motherfucker like that sometimes don’t you agree? :smiling_imp:


Well, we can do these things of course. There are clearly a lot of total scumbags who get ahead in life while passing their false judgement on others. That said, being civilized and honest is usually the best strategy for success. There are more scumbags in prison than on Wall Street.

You’re probably getting at the more esoteric side of the question though.

Lord Aries would suggest that justice is in the interest of the stronger. I might feel like a good dude for paying my bills and being nice to my wife, but some kids starved to death somewhere in the world today and I didn’t do anything to help them. I also had a ham sandwich for lunch. As far as the pig is concerned, I’m a freakish monster from Hell.

I could go on and on about ethics, but basically, do your best to not be a total dick. That’ll put you ahead of most modern people :wink:


If you feel guilty about stealing, killing “insert bad thing here” then that guilt very well may mess up your workings to punish other people who have committed such offenses to you. Also some entities may not be as eager to work your will if they think you are a hypocrite or have done something they personally dislike, while others don’t care. Some may even be MORE willing to work with you.


I’m attempting to improve my life and, as far as I can, a more general situation (the society; possibly the world, of course maybe only a bit).
In doing mostly the first part it may be likely that I do some immoral things, but just in order to rise from the current state. I also have some slightly harsh justice tendencies, anyway at least it’s possible to compensate with other acts.

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The punishment is dealt by ourselves. If we feel bad about and regret what we did the emotional storm we go through is the punishment.

Karma is victim blaming bs. I’ve studied Hinduism where the concept originated ( for those that don’t know I’m a religious studies major anthropology minor) and it’s tied to the caste system and the cycle of reincarnation. Basically it’s used to keep the poor and downtrodden in their place by saying that if they don’t do the duties assigned to their caste they will be reborn as a lower life form and suffer even more in the next life but if they do the duties of their caste and don’t cause trouble then they will be reborn into a higher caste and make their way to the top over several lifetimes. Telling someone that they suffer in life because they did something in a past life to deserve it is atrocious. It’s victim blaming bullshit. Just one more way that religion is used by the elite of society to keep the masses fearful and under their oppressive thumb. Hipsters need to open a damn book before they through this word around, dang it frustrates me.

Off the soap box now loves :blue_heart:


Oh and Fuego that wasn’t a jab at you lol. Just so you know

Interesting replies. This wasn’t about me, BTW, just general curiosity on all opinions.
I was also an anthropology/geology major before switching to computer science BTW.

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This Momma drives her own Kar-ma… The only guilt I carry is when I have punished the wrong person.