Reaper Of Hell

So i was checking the internet, because the demon i have a solid contract with now, yeah we had a good time yesterday night. So anyways suddenly Astaroth sends me a message saying they need more Reapers of Hell, so i looked it up and in this link is an explanation of what they are.

Link: [url=][/url]

But now my question is, for EA, Are they any people really willing to go to so much extend to even recieve a title like this and do their jobs for a progression of their immortal status?

Can you pm me with More details concerning this and the blood reaper or reaver ritual I’m very interested you can also email me at [email protected] or illuminated [email protected] I’ll be awaiting a response


You’ll probably be waiting a long time. This thread is over a year old, and the member who wrote it hasn’t been active here for some time. Just to let you know…

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Damn I need Another way to contact him I’m highly interested in this