Realm of spirits

What realm do gods,angels,demons, ect live on is it the astral plane or even the godplanes. I ask this question because ea koetting hinted at it. He said all heavens and hells that have ever been spoken of exists on the astral plane. And my other question what is on the godplanes ea said is where heavens and hells exists infinitely beyond human,angel,demon even god comprehension and imagination. Is there any truth to these two statements

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In my experience, yes.

If you want to see my model of how all this works without contradiction or genuine paradox, try this:

I don’t know of a simpler answer than “All is mind - the universe is a mental thing.”

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How is the universe a mental thing… I understand the vibrations our spells send into the cosmos but i have yet seen a magician light a flame on his finger like gandalf. I would say the universe is an organism IMO

When you soul travel or astral travel or perform shamanic journeying and divination for a long time, you’ll understand we can access all of existence but we a microcosmic being, and within us is the mirror to the macrocosmic world.

You can access solar systems at higher speeds than light or be somewhere in another plane almost spontaneously.

Because like Eva said it’s all mind, science has understood the cosmos, planets, galaxies, stars, etc.

But our Brains are the mystery, the bigger mystery is the mind / consciousness our consciousness isn’t a organism it’s more than that.


That’s because he’s bound by physical laws. Read the book and it will clarify this, it falls under the Principles of Vibration (that matter is dense, and so cannot as readily be manipulated as events in a daydream) and Cause & Effect - there is no cause present to create the effect of a flame.

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