Really Simple Exercise To Strengthen Your Inner Sight

Something else that’s pretty cool I thought I should mention.

You know how when you are trying to develop your inner sight to prepare yourself for astral or soul travel. You know, visualizing your room as it appears in real life but with your eyelids closed til the point that you can see your room in full color and detail as if your eyes are still open?

I was just thinking about that, I used to do this exercise that REALLY helped me awaken my inner sight abilities. It’s so simple. But the most simple things usually work like a charm. And this will really help you when doing astral or soul travel, or when receiving visions of any sort to see them more clearly.

Close your eyes and try walking around your entire house like this, while imagining your house as it looks when your eyes are opened. Really see the colors, see the remote on the coffee table, the dog toys on the floor…

Really try to imagine the actual depth and width of the rooms you are in. Remember in your mind how much space is really in between your couch and your coffee table until the vision you see in your mind has accurate depth and eventually you can walk around with your eyes closed and not run into a single piece furniture or stub your toe on anything, because you have trained your mind to literally see straight thru your eyelids so the depth perception will eventually be the same as it is with your eyes opened.

This exercise will also help you learn to get more clear visuals and can enhance your focus a lot because if you are walking around blindsided you are going to focus your butt off and take everything slow to make sure you don’t run into anything or hurt yourself, but this will give you time to really learn to trust your intuition.

Use your energy when your eyes are closed, when you know you have entered a room where a table is coming up shortly. Hold your left hand out a little bit and try to sense the energy of that table, feel it getting stronger as you get closer to it and eventually you’ll know when you’re right up on it and know when to make that turn to the left to avoid hitting it and you’ll be able to walk around like this without using your hands, you can just sense when you’re gonna run into something.

This will make it easier to navigate your way around in the dark too, at night. You are literally using this visual and energy sensing technique to create a memory map in your mind of your surroundings and if it’s too dark to see with your real eyes you can still navigate your way around by sensing the depth of the room and using energy to guide you away from objects you may run into. So of course this will strengthen your focus for meditation, strengthen your intuition, your energy sensing abilities, and your visualization skills (more vivid, able to hold an image longer).

It seems so simple but it did a lot of good for me and then for the newer magician when you go delving into astral and soul travel, this will help a lot because the beginning stages of astral/soul travel require very similar steps to what I mentioned here. Just make sure the first few times you do this, when you haven’t quite developed these skills I mentioned, isolate yourself to just one or two rooms that have little to no clutter so you don’t fall into something and get seriously hurt.

How embarrassing would it be to go to the hospital with an iron fireplace poker shoved up your anus and have to say

You: Um…I sorta fell on this and it went up my ass

Nurse: You fell on that? How in the world did that happen?

You: I was walking around with my eyes closed

Nurse: Sound the idiot alert! A Derp a derpy doo!

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yeah, so one will look like crazy again. hahaha

Though a simple exercise, it’s really helpful.
One can become a ninja after some time practicing.( That’s not a pure joke.) They practice openning the astral senses in ninjutsu( more visibly practiced on more secretive groups though).

I often do this exercises myself also.

I often walk in the woods with my eyes closed. The dog walkers I come across must thing I’m nuts.