Really Simple banishments

Hi I need to do an banishment right now I have poor visualization skills and I am nervous like really nervous ( before you say use the search bar , I did search for simple ones but only those came which requires visualization ) and I can’t visualiz properly , I feel like a spirit has came in my home I heard knocking on windows and I was curious so I opened it as soon as i oped the window a sonic sound wave hit me in my left ear and felt being little pushed I knew something came and I have been hearing footsteps now , I need to do a banishments before going to sleep please suggest some methods

A really simple banishing is the Sword Banishing ritual from Damon Brand’s Magickal Protection book.

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Ok thanks alot I will try it now

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There are banishing incantations in the big Incantation Summary thread.

All you have to do is chant them.

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I will do that too just to be double sure thanks a lot