Really really *don't* want ex back. Instead, something else

Maybe I’m odd, but I for sure don’t want my actual ex-es back as partners. Even ones that seemed like they might have “gotten away” at the time, I would not want to bring back. At this point though, i surely know the parts about them that were enlivening, exciting, comforting, and that I want in my life, and I also know very well the parts that are demoralizing, destructive, and soul draining, and have no place in my life.

I suppose then, what I really would want is a means by which to distill the good from the many women I’ve encountered in my time into just one, and to bring her into my life. But I sense the danger here is that any such attraction could just as easily bring the distillation of every negative aspect and more that I haven’t yet experienced into my life.

So before setting forward any magical intentions, how best does one ensure that the manifestation is an unmitigated positive, and that any manifested antithesis of your intention happens to exist far removed from you and far removed from your sphere of influence?

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Well, I would likely read about what others did. Use the search function. Lotta results for love-related questions.

What a question lol you should’ve just go straight to the point on this thread it’s just dawdling then you strike us with an obscure question. What are you getting at? It’s not clear to me it sounds like science or something :laughing:

Okay… after reading it at least a dozen times I know what you mean.

Believe it, and do it properly. Simple. If you want to go by moon phases, learn about them. Same with planets and deities.

Know what you are doing with ritual work and just do it properly and results will come as strongly as you believe it. Some results are surprising…

You cannot avoid the “negative” once you label something “positive” in a fixed manner and vice versa. It is literally impossible. The closest you can come to this is the illusion of stable experience via your habits of consciousness. Only “God”, or Infinite Being, is truly “goo”, for Omnipresence is undisturbed for it knows only Self.