Really Large Creature

Yesterday was my first post here and I also searched for Bune, Buel and Raphael posts. I read everything I could get my eyes on.
I wrote down all sigils and asked Raphael to help we with my pain, almost instant success!
This morning, before being fully awake, I saw this androgynous, thin, person, very attractive. In an instant, it turned into a very large, black, shiny, massive, creature with spiny horns and weird fingers. I was startled.
I should have asked, I know…
Does anyone have any insight?
Thank you in advance,

Hard to say, could have been an artefact of your mind referring to some fear that you’ll have to work with weird spiny beings (aka demons) or could have been a spirit checking up on you.

Some spirits look bloody daft with inside-out heads and stuff, roaring caverns of blackness in their mouths or whatever, but it’s their thing, it evidently has meaning, so just nod and smile. :slight_smile:

mybe message is that behind every angelic being there is a demonic esence :wink:

Perhaps the androgynous being was the angelic side and the thing that turned blacker than the dark was the demonic?

I think that what you saw was profound, it felt it to me, just reading it.

What though?

Dunno exactly. :slight_smile:

But it was real, and truthful, and powerful, so you’re ahead of the game when so many other people seeking this kind of contact doubt, and hesitate, and stuff.

All spirits can take on many forms. Usually the Spirits looks/form will be dependent upon your own Beliefs (Memory) in relation to Collective Opinion (collective memory). But when you De-Program yourself from other peoples expectations, which by the way is part of doing “ME MAGICK” (as in focusing on manifesting stuff for yourself) you can then get more in touch with the true essence of what your working with and it may not necessarily look like Spiny Creatures or big scary demons.

What is totally interesting, I looked up paintings of Raphael today and the androgynous figure I saw looks just like the Angel…blonde, curly hair, etc…
Although it morphed into or in an instant there was blackness, the creature was super shiny…it didn’t look like something from a Hollywood movie, LOL…

Raphael told me that he’s known by different names in different cultures, I never asked him but his sigil looks a lot like that of Pazuzu, usually considered a demon, although I read that in Sumeria, Pazuzu commanded diseases and could also heal them.

Dunno, that’s pure armchair mage chat really because as I said, I never asked him. :slight_smile:

It may be worth asking Raphael to disclose to you whether he has other names and “masks” or forms under which you may call him? If the painting strongly resembled him, then it morphed, he could have been trying to show you that another form can help you. Ask him to make the information come to your attention in a form you can readily understand.

It’s my belief at this moment that angels will only work within certain laws, in a way that other beings don’t, because they’re the purest manifestation of whatever forces they embody and have no interest or desire to have wiggle room outside that (because being such a pure force of creation is intensely fulfilling and perfect), but if Raphael has other manifest aspects, they may not be bound by the same rules. I mean that’s my intuituion regarding this, anyway, combined with my experience of (as?) the Angel of Lost Things.

Im a bit curious where did you get that angel of lost things name from?

Last year, I went to see Dorr and ask if they had any advice on what to do next (in pursuit of my long-term goals of “command the powers of a goddess within my lifetime,” etc) - they said, “What would you be the Angel of?”

I skimmed through the list of things I care about and for some reason that coalesced into being the Angel of Lost Things, which rapidly led to a weird rollercoaster of events and external reactions to me, plus the fusion was like having a serious opiate shot right into my briandstem - total bliss, patience, love, contentedness, everything, and all I could - or wanted - to think or care about was, well, lost things.

If, as the evidence around me suggests, I became/became as one with the Angel of Lost Things for a while there, then the experience of being an angel is so amazing that one would hardlu want to stop doing it and do sometghing else.

It was the most debilitating bit of work I’ve done, with regards to also functioning as a normal person at least some of the time, which is why I limit it somewhat.

If Raphael (who told me he was also linked to Seraphiel, a higher kind of “level”) experiences reality as this, he may indeed have other aspects that can function somewhat freed up from that intense purposeful loving bliss, which doesn’t feel like a limitation as it’s lived, but which does command all your focus and mental “runtime” when you feel it.

The Angel of lost things, job, objects, love or relationship is Chamuel. Although I wasn’t raised Catholic, I understand St. Anthony helps in this way too…
*it sounds like Lady Eva is on her way their too :slight_smile: *