Really interesting experience with my God form

I went into meditation, and I went to my astral Temple. As soon as I arrived, my succubus and cambion met me and we went to the ritual chamber. Once I got there, we all professed our love for each other before we called upon the legions that surround us.

We then began a ritual of tearing a hole in the fabric of space-time to which a spirit emerged, and after a few minutes, it felt like hours, the being swore allegiance to me. I won’t say the name of this being, or what it does.

The odd thing is that the entire operation seemed very scripted, as though my God form was working behind the scenes while I was engaged in mundane affairs.

Does this happen for anyone else, does anybody else’s God form run things behind the scenes while you are off doing your mortal thing?

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I know my Godform or Higher Self talking at night while I am dreaming. I found out that this arranged some things behind the scene.

I was under the impression our godforms/higher beings were always running things behind the scenes? Maybe I was wrong?

It’s been my experience that whenever I’m deep in the “Altar Ego”, so to speak, it seems like I’m working from a script that I’ve never read but am nonetheless able to perform.

It isn’t a matter of whether your higher self is planning ahead of your conscious mind, but of how willing you are to consciously let go of control to yourself and let that plan play out. Some of my most powerful magickal experiences have been functionally unplanned- words falling from my lips which I cannot later recall, or offering to beings I had not planned to meet, nor specifically brought that offering to give.

A strange experience for sure, to be as astonished as anybody at the depth and breadth of power you possess, while the conscious mind trips over itself to hold the rope leading into that deep well.