Really creepy

So, I have a backyard that doesn’t have any type of lighting. A great big avocado tree that you can see from blocks away. Every single night but especially today I heard rustling in the tree. We have a lot of dead leaves that don’t get raked up, so when you’re walking you can hear everything that touches the ground. It sounds as if someone is walking on the leaves but it’s not heavy enough to be a human. Since I right by the backyard, I can see everything that makes a shadow. There was never a body moving when the sounds were being made. The trees also seem to shake when the leaves moved. I heard what sounded like someone eating but had a cynical “num,num”. This sounded like it was right by my window. What’s going on here? Also I would like to mention the my neighbors dog that’s right next to my backyard started barking like crazy before the noises started happening. The dog sounded like someone was breaking in or something like that.

Could it be a djinn?

Bird, squirrel, rabbit, etc. nothing supernatural.


I second this lol

None of those can make noises the way it was moving, what I caught on camera was not no animal.

O come on don’t tease us like that OP ays later you mention what you caught on camera. Just or good vibes I’d cut up a avacado and leave it near the tree so what ever I was doesn’t have o deal with the peak or pit.