Ignore this if you must. All this is, is a moment I just had while reading “The one thing you NEED to know about Magick” letter. If nothing else, this is just me venting because I need to get this out. If you want to hear this, go ahead and read and possibly discuss your own situations like this and if not, that’s your choice. Anyway…

As I said I was just reading the latest newsletter sent out (that I have anyway) and the realization of how much non-attachment really helps. I had read the other letter(s) (I forget how many there have been) on the non-attachment topic and thought enough only about it to try and break down emotional barriers and things like that. With this latest one I realized just how much it would really help. Some may just see it as an expansion and clarification on the thing but…this one hit me hard, realizing just what I was doing wrong.

When I fully saw all this after a ritual, that at the end felt much more successful than normal, I honestly nearly cried where I was standing. This is for, I think, two reasons: 1) The pride of actually getting something right for once and 2) the hatred of myself for “being so stupid” in the past and not realizing this sooner.

I’ve wanted to say this to E.A. personally (by means of email, phone, however) for a very long time, since I got my first book by him, that…I’m very grateful for all that he’s doing. I never got anywhere with any other book that I’ve gotten on these topics. When I read my first of his books (Evoking Eternity), I was truly able to feel the power coming from it. Just, again, thanks for all that you’re doing E.A., and through all of this, I’m right here for you ready to learn all that I can from you and help in any and every way possible.