Often times I wondered why all the Magicians on YouTube and various websites do not use their Magick for fame and massive fortune. I always though that wisdom is cool but so is reaching a high status in Life.

Then I recently realized this. Both of those come with unpleasant prices. Fame looks glamorous on the outside but on the inside it breaks a person and is really unpleasant.

Massive fortune such as making billions is pointless. It comes with its own consequences too, for example: money can make one greedy, I’ve seen people who are so obsessed with their money that they avoid doctors visits for serious issues because it costs too much yet they live in luxury.

Now I’m not saying be unpopular and broke. Well unless it’s what you want. As a Magician it seems that an above average lifestyle and having a few close friends is best.

Funny after these recent realizations, I’ve come to a conclusion that two things I used to strive for and that most are striving towards is a worldly illusion. Well we might as well enjoy some worldly pleasures anyway.

Feel free to share some of your opinions on this.


Money is not everything. The way I see it, have enough money to live comfortably, and seek to better yourself through your practice.

I’m still working on the first thing, but the second thing is everyday.

It’s pretty obvious.


I would say the really good magicians are not going to show themselves on YouTube and various sites much but are going to be more the invisible power behind many famous or rich people. They will have all the benefits of the money and power but no one will know them except maybe as acquaintances of the person in question or even employees when really they are the ones in charge. Who has more power after all the king or the adviser whispering in his ear and feeding him all his information upon which decisions are based. Anything bad happens the king gets the blame and the adviser can just slip away. That is for those that seek such wealth and power though.



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Money and fame doesn’t give everybody boner. Also, it’s not that easy to money and fame using magick. At least using magick that is currently known to us. E.A’s video gets on average 2500 views. And no one can say that he doesn’t REALLY want to get views and expand his business. Speaks volume.!


I don’t know, over 2000 views is still alot. Perhaps he will get more in the future.

Yeah its weird cause I thought that Magick was the way to get all of those things but now I’ve seen that there’s more to it.


The reason most “wise” folk tend to not chase fame, fortune, women etc. with their spiritual work is because these are transient and temporal things, i.e. they’re not coming with you when you die. However, you are always going to be with you and self-knowledge must be your main priority. Another reason is that once you get a glimpse of your True Self, you begin to realise how very trivial the material trappings of life are and you often lose interest in them. Peace of mind becomes more important than such things.

That said, it is also perfectly acceptable to use magick to obtain wealth, women, fame etc but keep it in subordination to self-knowledge.