Reality vs. Consciousness

Has anyone asked the question what or where the lines actually meet between reality and consciousness? I looked in posts marked as similar to mine, but couldn’t fine anything that addressed specifically this… Let me try to explain:

It is said that we create our own reality. Just as it is said we create our own consciousness, as we do a lot talk about in the forum.

Consider the fact that we live in our own reality and our own consciousness, and we choose to live them our own way. Fine. Great! We live in our creation. Then, say an electric bill is due or some other financial need arises and i our reality and consciousness we have all the riches and money we need, except that we don’t. The obligation is still there, but we don’t recognize it since it is in a separate reality than our own. Does that make sense to anyone or am I reading the wrong tea leaves? I don’t get it. We can go through all the steps of

  1. Preparatory Immersion
  2. Use or Development of a Working System
  3. Attainment of Omnipotence*
  4. Substantial Contact
  5. Incantation
  6. Communication
  7. Issuing a Task
  8. Dismissal
  9. Psychological Retraction
  • I need further explanation of this as well as the main point of this post

Now, we all “live” in the world as it is, right? Or is it wrong? I know the jokes about “living in their own world” abound, but really, is it a joke or is there something I am missing something?

We need tangible things in “this” world such as money, gas for our car, food, etc. So in my own reality/consciousness do I still not need it? How do I eat if I cannot cook? How can I go places if I don’t have transportation? Tangible things in this context would certainly be money., right?

I am curious to read my misread of the reality/consciousness or my world and the world around me. I can exist in my reality, but can I survive physically without food? Electricity? Water? These things cost money- our formal bartering system set up over aeon’s of time.
Where is the disconnect, or rather, the connection? I am missing an essential ingredient in my base knowledge of working with the spiritual in the physical plane. I think that the better I understand this dichotomy, the more clear it will be to me, and it would catapult my practice to the next level.

Now about the asterisked point above:

Attainment of Omnipotence seems to be a goal to a process rather than to an end. Is it not always in a case of the moment we are in?

I am not really in the beginner stage anymore, but I am still new, and really do hoe to be for some time yet.

Clarification is welcomed and hoped for. And, please, get as deep into the subject as you wish. I am a sponge and will absorb it, even if I cannot use it right away, AND I can always reference this post thread again, if ever I need to.



A further point: The spiritual plane, the astral plane and the physical plane, do we not exist in all three at the same time as we live our day-to-day lives? We may concentrate our energy on one particular plane such as in astral projection, but isn’t it true that in our reality of day-to-day living, are we not present in some degree? Or is it our consciousness? Hmmmmm…

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I think the idea that “we create our own reality” is a misunderstanding. Reality creates - and destroys - itself. Consciousness and reality are one and the same, there is no line between them, in my opinion. The unity between the macrocosm and microcosm is what causes change, not “we” as we understand our individual existence or personalities.

Reality, the way I see it, is conscious energy on different levels. The higher controls the lower. When we act on a higher level of consciousness, we access reality on that level, the changes we make affect the all. Because on that higher level, everything is connected.

To our conscious awareness, things seem the opposite of what they really are. Lower levels of consciousness seem higher, because they’re more “solid” to our senses. While higher levels of consciousness and reality are hidden or invisible, we need to use what we call “spiritual senses” to interact with reality on that higher vibrational level.

If we consider each vibrational level, a dimension, then everything exists a multi-dimensional type of existence. Nothing exists in one dimension. That includes humans. In many spiritual teachings, that’s expressed by the idea that we are spirits within a human body. But that’s only - in my view - is a simple symbolic explanation. What’s more accurate is that the body and spirit are one… the separation can occur in consciousness, when we access the spiritual dimension of ourselves and start to use it.

A good demonstration of that is astral projection. We don’t only access and use our spiritual dimension, but we can interact with lower and higher dimensions at will. All that while the body still active.

This is the theory I currently believe and experiment with. There’s a lot to learn and explore of course, we have a long path before we reach a complete understanding.


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Very cool! Thanks for the insight!

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I appreciate the comments, likes and insight, I really do! I, however didn’t see anyone talk about the tangible things we need in our daily lives that we are able to “manifest” like food, gas for our car, a car for some people, etc. That is a primary crux of my post.

I’m just wondering how the tangible manifests from the spiritual and the astral planes. Example" Lucifuge Rofacale is the “appointed treasurer” of all earthly treasures. My thinking just doe snot wrap itself around the how… and ,aybe, it is entirely possible that we are not supposed to know.

Now I must confess that these specific type questions are arising out of the divination practices I follow, and knowledge to me is priceless. I don’t think the answers I am truly looking for are guarded as in Voodoo, Houdoun, etc. I simply am querying the forum for specific examples of how a needed, tangible object manifested in your particular experience. This wreaks of my my post regarding owo to perfectly do a spell-casting in a money ritual (among other things) that would truly change my life into the what I have desired all my life. Now, what that is in particular is mine to know only, but I know we’ve all had this question arise at some point in our practice, most likely early on. But concrete examples, while they can only be anecdotal, would be an enlightenment for me. Specifically, the HOW it object or desire was delivered. I am fully aware that no two experiences are alike, and I am venturing into deep water here without floatation, but here’s the deal-

As I mentioned, my divination methods keep pointing towards a success that is, for lack of a simpler term: delayed. I posted a few days ago that I am the impatient type and received many wonderful replies from great folks here in the forum that essentially said to approach it as if I were at recess (that may take some explaining, so, if you are confused on this part, read the entire post).

While I am confident that I did my spell-casting effectively, I know that I can only get better, and that takes me to a tangent that is “how long do I gotta wait”… Keep in mind that knowing is truly half the battle, but some of the things I need, which are only a part of my spell, I could really use! Don’t think of me as an impatient kid pestering mommy and daddy “are we there yet??” but instead as I new magician trying to learn the rough time tables so I for one can benefit, but also, as I intend to reach out to others in future practice (somewhere down the line) and help them as I am asking for help here.

So, do you see my dilemma? I hope so, as I don’t think that I can out it out there in any other form that is clear and specific enough to warrant clear and specific answers. I truly appreciate all the comments and likes my posts have been receiving, and as always, please do not be afraid to get into technical issues of any depth… I am like a sponge, I soak up the knowledge for current and/or future recall, and if necessary I’ll go back to the thread at a later date and review the information. I’m not really keeping a record of my posts, although I see some great benefit to that.

One person commented, and I’ll paraphrase here “That’s all you need to know”… now, I can certainly respect that, but all my life I have been an analytical little shit always wanting to know the why and how. I know the who what when and where, at least to some degree. Furthermore, I always wanted to have someone who understood my own way of thinking at least well enough to understand where I’m coming from… maybe my husband on Peacekeeping Duty in Africa is that person, but he’s over there serving our country ,and I cannot and will not burden him with things like this until he’s back home.

Look, I get it, results are different for everyone and depend upon a great number of things to be in play. And there, too, are the websites that will cast your spell for you- for a fee ( and a hefty one at that)! I have chosen to follow the Left Hand Path, and have stated many times that yes, goddammit, I AM needy! I’ve always been a go-getter, and while I guess I could have had better grades had I actually listened in school, but I was more interested in the things that interested me. Namely: results, and how they came about.

I again am asking for further insight and experience from new and not so new members to help me with this. I’m making my sandwiches, and consciously avoiding thinking about he spell in particular, but as i do so, I realize that a great many details still need to be worked ou ton my end, if for anything else but preparation!

I’ll be looking forward to the responses I receive. Please, if you like my post, drop me a line too!

PS- If you think I’m long winded here, you should attend one of my speaking events! LOL I just say what I gotta say and leave it at that- I obviously do NOT subscribe to Shakespeare’s axiom of “Brevity being the soul of wit…” and putting it all out there as specifically as I can, and definitely not when I am dedicating my whole being to something!

I am aware of my syntax, spelling sentence structure… .but its 0130hrs and I am a but haggard from my day, but when I have a question or comment, I just go for it when its this late and goddammit, if I make a few mistakes, who cares, right??

Besides, I’m not the only one whose sentence structure and spelling/grammar check just isn’t in ACTIVE mode at this time of the night. SO…:crazy_face:

Looking forward to see what I wake up to in a few hours! Be free and open with your comments, please!

One last thing… if anyone has the like to E.A.'s seminar on the 9 step process mentioned above could you send it to me in a PM? I cannot find it on my hard drive, and am afraid to thin kthat I may have lost it. Thank y’all!

Consciousness, one of the most misused terms in the current world .!

Can you elaborate? This actually is interesting to me.