This is part 1 of partition 1 of the study I proposed. Partition1 focuses on the issue of deities or shall we call them entities. Our goal is to agree upon one idea concerning the said issue and have the knowledge of what realities we may confirm. After my initial idea, shall we furnish it to confirm validities,add anything I may have missed and answer question related to the topic.

So here it is:
We first start on demons, angels, and spirits. They are all entities subdivided according to attributes.

:diamonds:DEMON ENTITIES are attributed to more negative characteristics more often give you free will in accordance to your desire “but most claim something in return”.

I saw that written in some books but I totally disagree with the thought of the quoted text in a way that demons would claim something unfair or unpleasant or against on the part of practitioners ( clearly reasonable enough for you). Ofcourse the practice of sacrifice is an option and with the authority of the practitioner, therefor, it wouldn’t be against on the part of the practitioner.About the issue of possessions where christians claim that demons are the cause of such, it is not confirmed but such occurence can be clearly seen as christian’s medium(done or not done by them) to take hold of the people. On the situation where christians are not the nature of the occurence, they obviously didn’t understand the nature of it before claiming it is caused by a demon. On the other hand, I cannot claim a reality that christians can do such but is possible so shall be discussed on another part of this study.

This entities undoubtably exist for the reason that much of us here have valid proofs. So their existence is carried but issues that may be of question and clarification concerning their characteristics are still open for discourse.

:diamonds:ANGEL ENTITIES are attributed to more positive characteristics often carry the character of protection.

Shall we carry the reality of their existence but clarifications and questions related but not of their existence is still open.

:diamonds:SPIRIT ENTITIES tend to fall somewhere between but are attributed to knowledge

Condition about this is the same as the condition about angels.