REALITY STUDY:GOD, part 2 of partition 1

For christians, a being of authority and of complete control over the whole existence.

It is not confirmed that the idea of God’s identity is real but of His existence, I can prove this. As an entity, I had contacted Him and asked help and answers from him just like how I deal with demons, spirits, and angels.

Surely it is not easy to believe in what you haven’t seen or proven. So to share my side, I’ll just sight my experience.

After years of study, I came to know that He is not approachable in a way christians does. So after figuring this out, I made a pact with Him and works just the same as how it works on other entities. So yes, I already had many works with Him. For a reason that I may not need to sight here, I call Him father rather than God or Lord that is also included as agreement in our pact.

All open here.