Reality is formed by perception or is perception formed by reality?

What do you guys think? Our view of the world makes this existence? Or is existence independent from our perceptions? To put it lightly does our perception more so make reality or does our reality more so make our perceptions?


people live their lives bound by what they accept as correct and true… that is how they define reality. But what does it mean to be correct or true? Merely vague concepts… their reality may all be an illusion.

-Itachi Uchiha

I had to.

Anyway, I’d say a bit of both.


In your opinion does it lean towards one more than the other?

You also create your perceptions. For example, half glass of milk. Half empty or half full?


At one time I would’ve said confidently that reality is independent of perception. The more time goes on, the less I believe that.

From a practical point of view, I have begun to see how perception of reality often means more than the cold hard facts of reality. One of my favorite examples of this is money. For a long time I wondered where money came from and where it got its value. Eventually, after enough reading and thinking I learned that money (at least the US dollar) only has value because people give it value. There has been nothing backing up US dollars for a very long time. But yet, people live and die and struggle for it.

A more recent example of this that is very eye opening is bitcoin. It is even more imaginary then US dollars. Yet it is used as currency almost worldwide.


Defiantly our perceptions makes our reality ,we creat our own reality and the universes can’t do much about it then just go with our own will,that’s why were our own gods.


For me this rings similar to the question of is magick psychological and in the mind or are the spiritual forces external and independent of self?

I see both as useful and use both since alot of my beginnings to the occult was with hermetics and the Principle of Correspondence deals with this nicely.

As above so below, as within so without.

These forces are both within you and outside of you. There for to work with (the evocation or invocation) a force,energy, spirit, etc is to bring that aspect of reality to the forefront of your awareness which results in both changes in internal perspective and external changes in the life experience.

To give a more specific example say, you summon an entity to either learn from or preform a task for you. As you are exposed to this entity’s energy, there will be shifts in both your life experience as it moves through your life to bring about your desire and to your perception of things as you are exposed to its energies. The variable with which will occurs faster will be determined by the nature of the work with the spirit.

The same applies to working with raw energies and forces directly instead of calling a entity to act as a go between.

The most drastic changes can seemingly happen with a minuscule
shift in the personal angle of ones perception on things. Regardless if it is the physical,mental,emotion, spiritual or dimensional angle.


yes and no…

both perception and reality itself are created by the divine mind.

if you, as a magician, are not yet using your divine mind then there is something wrong and you need not view the world philosophically. do some soul searching and find your inner power.

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Reality is formed by perception - think how you, as a magickian, can influence reality in great many ways by just looking at something.

But perception is also formed by reality - think how normal people see the world… they see the world through filters given to them by other people and events for example, i.e reality.

The concept of As Above So Below goes hand-in-hand with this, as Dinmiatus pointed out. The highest spiritual is in the lowest physical. Physical IS the spiritual. There is no distinction.

In a way, there also IS no perception and reality. They are the same.

The question is… how will you use this? As a God, you have the option to choose your destiny.

Choose. :slight_smile:

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The All is the Mind; the universe is mental.

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