Real sigils

Hi there!

Does anyone have any reliable sources of sigils and their meanings? I would like get a few tattoos of some sigils, but I want to be sure I they are accurate!

Thanks in advance!

What kind of sigils are you talking about? That word applies to many different things.

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Like Darkest said, it definitely depends on what you’re talking about.

Demonic, Planetary, Angelic, and some magic sigils are the most consistent, and you can find some of the more widely known ones in the Keys of Solomon and the works of Abramelin the Mage, you can look in Norse manuscripts such as the Galdrabok or Galdrakver for gakdrastafir and other Norse staves.

There’s several other kinds but you’d have to specify your purpose for narrowed down help. Otherwise, you’d either have to find books or other sources in which the author is the creator/discoverer, have them made for you, or make them yourself as basic sigils are considered one of the easiest kinds of magic.

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