Real Shapeshifters - Where are they?

Has anyone had any experience with real shapeshifters? If so, where were they? And WHAT were they?

There are so many different terms.

There’s “lycan”, “skin walker”, “werewolf” and other “were-creatures”.

Has anyone ever actually seen one? Anyone… Ever lol.

I want to know more about them.

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I may be wrong, but in my oppinion they are just all around, just hide in their humanoid forms among humans, I believe it to be true to most shapeshifters including Skinwalkers, but Idk… In Africa there still are flowing reports of people turning into dogs, cats, birds, snakes etc. Many of these reports may be false, many may be mere false accousations based on rumor, but some… May be real, giving an ammount of them… Either Africa still goes on witchhunt, or there may be shapeshifters there, but it’s my oppinion :slightly_smiling_face:

I consumed large quantities of a “dreamquest” mixture I made years ago. I literally experienced all my bones changing shape, I felt more graceful and feline, I could feel my fur. I was a black panther, which was odd because to my knowledge I have no feline spirit guides. I never tried to leave the house in this form. I just enjoyed it for a while. I am assuming I did not actually shapeshift in a physical sense, but I was alone so I have no outside observations to report. It was really cool though.


There’s a lot of stories out here in the southwest. I live not far, maybe 10 minutes from a reservation. There’s an above average murder and disappearance rate there. I have a couple friends who have had some bizarre experiences out there and the skinwalker stuff gets pretty dark. People have disappeared.

Unfortunately, I have no personal experiences but I have wondered if wall ng this path may lead me to one.

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What exactly was this made of?

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I wish I can remember what it was. If I can find the recipe I will post it.

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Please do, it sounds interesting

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