Real Physical Magic (IMPORTANT)

I’ve found this article here

and these videoclips :

#Now through magic this can be done I am certain it is everywhere which Demon is best for these kind of stuff I want to learn it and they gave me a way to further their influence in the world so please help me with this ^-^

#Here are some things I think if the Spirit posseses me my arm and I stick the needle made of silver or copper of some material better conductive which the sprit may asswell manipulate I think this is possible and people are making this this way one time

#I blacked out fell on the ground and before falling I felt someone grabing me I woke up my father almost had a heart attack :smiley: and I asked him if he had grabed me he told me I hit the floor very hard and it made alot of noise I got my ass up and didn’t feel absolutly no pain where I landed I thought Lucifer held me
I was working with him at the time so I know it is possible and in vodoo they do it aswell please share your thoughts on which spirit to work with to achieve this.

###I think this is yet another branch of Magic which is barely talked about and is kept hidden because of it’s massive power implementations like the Shao lin Masters and their energy powers###

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