Real Meanings Behind Illuminati/Freemasonry Symbolism in Mainstream?

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is there a thread on here that gives the REAL meaning behind much of the Illuminati/Freemason symbolism shown in the mainstream, like music videos? I ask because every time I do a Google/Youtube/Amazon search I end up finding works done by Christian nutjobs who think the All Seeing Eye/Pyramids/Baphomet/Pentagrams, etc, are all vile, insidious, and evil.

I’m new to the LHP and doing internet searches, and have found that Satan/Devil/Lucifer is far from what the Roman church wants it to mean thanks to their disturbing pious enthusiasm for duality. I’ve found that Baphomet is not this evil entity they believe and I’m starting to wonder if the ancient gods of old are now the their demons in their screwy ideology? I want to get to the crux of the real religious roots and maligned figures of the bible, so if anyone can give me some book titles, I’d appreciate it also. Would love to know the real origins of Baphomet, Lilith, Serpents, etc :slight_smile:

Because I’m seeing the symbolism left, right, and centre, (I’m currently binge-watching Westworld and it’s everywhere), I want to know WHY it is being put into the mainstream and if anybody can give a non-Christian oh-no-the-world-is-ending explanation of it all? I want genuine explanations. I read that the All Seeing Eye is actually a good Christian symbol (the triangle itself means the Christian trinity) but the symbol when seen by certain musicians using it is seen as something corrupt, evil, and satanic! WTF is going on with these conspiracy theorists who are mostly Christian zealots themselves?! I wouldn’t put it past those who push the illuminati fear with their Christian based fear mongering that they are going to influence some fragile angry soul into doing a reverse ‘Charles Manson’ on some celebrities before long to rid the world of ‘devils’. What is sickening is that the fearmongers also profit from this niche big time.

So, those was my questions:

  1. I need non-christian explanations (web links if possible) of said symbolism seen in the mainstream
  2. Why you think it is being pushed
  3. And any good books (or links) explaining the origins of the fallen who are demonized in the bible

sorry for the ramble :blush: x


Well all occult means is hidden knowledge. Basically Symbols. So all this could mean different things to different people as the Past is largely obscured, and Symbols have many layers of meaning even to a serious occult practitioner.


I think its an interesting one and i do encourage it to remove some of the brainwashing but a lot of it once understood doesn’t really benefit one in the long run, at least not for me.

If you’d like a solid foundation to build from that works for you instead, I would suggest fundamental studies of sacred geometry first. Once you’ve understood it, you can apply it to almost anything. It will certainly answer your questions for you without a degree of bias and moral perspective. It can be used in meditation and you can build your own devices especially if you get into spell work and harvest energy from the moon etc. For example most religious building are built on sacred geometry principles to siphon energy and without getting too much into it, there are also ley lines on the earth that form sacred geometrical shapes. The pyramid with the all seeing eye, is a tetrahedron Fun stuff nerd_face:

Good luck :wink:

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Hehe. Best watch out for the Satanic Freemason, his christian lackeys are harmless buy still are run by him so are like disposable soulja’s if anything.


Thanks for the replies guys :slight_smile:!

It’s kind of bizarre seeing all the symbolism pop up in everything and I do believe it’s an agenda of sorts, but what though? I don’t really buy into it being all evil but something as an antithesis of the church propaganda, maybe? Do people of an evil nature exist within the network of the agenda being pushed? Yes, most likely. The same can be said of the church though, no? Or any organization with money and power behind it. But I can’t lump all this together as one specific agenda being pushed by an extremely evil group of people. The world is not that black and white and is much more complicated than that. If it was that black and white, we would know without a shadow of a doubt what shadow we would be living under right now.

Just this afternoon I saw a jewelry commercial and a fashion commercial and this ‘lightning bolt’ image made the rounds of which I had noticed in the last couple of weeks. Then I noticed a tv presenter wearing a necklace of it. Apparently, the lightning bolt represents the striking of Satan out of heaven by God, if we are to believe the symbolism put forth. If one is a Christian, I can certainly see how these suposed symbols are frightening to them and a dark agenda is emerging into the mainstream.

However, I’m coming to the conclusion that the bible is littered with damning inconsistencies and the Jesus Christ myth has been plagiarised from other Pagan god mythologies - nothing about JC stands out as a genuine real life person of his day. It’s basically a copy and paste template based almost exactly on the likes of Osiris, Dionysis, Mithras, etc. And the worst thing Satan apparently did was try to intervene and have people become the best creation of themselves, as this website states, to ‘become a living god’, of which God flung him out of the heavenly realms. If that is the most evil Satan has done while God has been in favour of genocide, misogyny, killing children and animals in a rage, war, and expecting the masses to kneel before him with narcissistic praise (someone who has broken ALL his own commandments!), I’m starting to think clearly who I would follow on this.

I’m certainly not an athiest and do believe there is a creator of everything within the universe both good and evil and it is neutral and that we are all eternal. So, I think I’m in the camp of believing the ‘Illuminati’ symbolism we are seeing is an agenda of anti-religion, but not in an evil sense, but to become your own god, as Satan, wanted people to do. Satan being not the evil character the bible carved him out to be. God created him and God does NOT make mistakes. Religion holds us back so much and is very damaging.

I don’t believe celebrities ‘sell their souls to the devil’ in exchange for fame, money, and power, but the powers that be are basically a behind the scenes organization who expect in return for such riches, that each celebrity is to endorse their brand as the organization promotes the public figures brand (a win-win combo). I don’t believe that every celeb knows exactly what they are doing regarding the esoteric symbolism, but are running on their addiction for public validation and fame/money. The selling of the soul is basically, ''you cannot be your real self. You will be a persona in order to sell ours and your own brand in exchange for riches. If you don’t comply, you will not be a public success, we can assure you of that." The famous person is basically a cashcow and often ran into the ground for profit. That would be the insidious part, the organization not giving a shit that there is a real person behind the image. They are tightly controlled. That would probably break most people and would not be an indication of ‘mind control’, just basically a well expected mental and emotional break down from a normal human beig working under extraordinary conditions.

But I find the fearmongering Christians and their conspiracy theories and the power celebs who are mindlessly courting this esoteric publicity (and it does get millions of views) a very dangerous path. It is extremely reckless.

Sorry for the huuuge ramble. I don’t often get to air my thoguhts because they are deemed very strange and it is best to keep quiet among the sleeping many. At least here, I can be strange with the rest of you without having someone look at me as if they have called the powers that be that will put me in a straitjacket! :rofl:


AtlantisFrequency, do you also mean stuff like the Fibonacci sequences that are found in nature but what man has built esoterically into buildings and art? I have read up a bit on that and found it fascinating but geometry itself I have not looked into but have been aware how it is incorporated, more so in the older buildings of past.

Research the beginning of FreeMasonry, how they started check-points which evolved into money, and how/why they invented Baphomet as their Gnostic god of intelligence.

It’s all a plan to bring the kingdom of heaven on Earth where the enslaved zombies of religion are under archontic spells, and individuals seeking truth through Apocalypse(unveiling, revelation) are claiming the true rite we each have to ascend into god-hood.


Is Satanic Freemason someone on Youtube or here? Does he explain any of the symbolism or just play on his christian followers hellbent on having Jesus save him?

Laurence Gardner’s books are all highly informative. You could always find a FreeMasonry Lodge and just go ask them. They are a lot more open than u would think about such matters, though they won’t tell you about the hidden agenda, because most of them aren’t even cognizant of it.

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Thank you Atinama <3

Should I be looking for books that were written in the earlier part of the 1900’s? Anything modern tends to have a ‘Christian devil’ bent to it which I think is deeply unfair to some of the nuggets I have found regarding freemasonry’s earlier intent, which was good.

From what you have said then, the symbolism we are seeing in the mainstream is actually wellmeaning and not ‘evil’ at all.

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Are they open to women popping in off the street and asking extremely weird questions?! :rofl:

    A lot of conspiracies start with the belief that the Annunaki have something to do with the origin of Illuminati in mainstream media. Specifically the “Cult of The Serpent”.

  2. The more people see your symbolism and sigils, the more people want to become a follower. Why do you think so many children from the age of 7 to 12 go from loving and innocent in their minds to directly influenced by what commercials and media tell them to like.

  3. The Fallen? I’m not sure what you mean as we can all fall. However, this may help :

Even more amazing it’s shared through the CIAs website? yea.

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They believe all men/women are equal, and are extremely non-judgmental.


It’s really surprising how welcoming Free Masons are to on-lookers. You wont be able to get into their shrines / heirarchy without getting to know them and joining yourself however they are very nice people.

From what I know about Free Masonry, they actually base their views around Matriarchy and not Patriarchy which is why you see a lot of women involved as well as hear about the rumors of sex slaves. I mean secret society, women allowed, ran by men? Of course someone would skew that in their own thoughts. However, they are amazing people and I definitely enjoyed my interactions with the majority of Free Masons I have met.

My mentor is a Free Mason.

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Back in the days of Rome, the government figured out that the small cult following jesus started was gaining popularity. They used this to their advantage and turned the teachings into something that would make the masses conform. The prosecuted the magicians and witches so common people would have less power, while at the same time keeping sorcery for themselves and using it for the aristocrats and elite.

If you listen to some of the Christian Youtubers, they’re not too far off. They’re half way woke. They notice the control system in everything besides their own religion.

You can be of any religion to join most lodges that I know of. You slowly get taught ritalin magic along the way. Once you reach the 33rd degree, they tell you about Lucifer and baphamet as the true source of enlightenment pulling the strings(they use those deities in a different context than most other occultists).

Find the book “teachings of all ages” and “keys to freemasonry” by manly p. Hall. He goes into extreme detail.


@Atinama @VoodooWalk

I’ve just checked on my local Freemason Lodge in South Shields and they do not welcome women. They explicitly state this, “Although Freemasons’ partners and their families play a vital role in the fraternity’s social and charitable activities, under the constitutions of the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) by which we operate, women are not admitted as members.”

It sounds like a bloody old boy’s club. I mean, I don’t mind men and women having their own space with their own gender to do as they wish socially or as an organization, but to completely side line women totally (even if they could do just 1 afternoon or evening a week or fortnight!). They sound as bad as the church. Only welcome when your making sandwiches, fetching teas, and cleaning up, and simpering over them.

They do however mention The Order of Women Freemasons and The Honourable Fraternity of Ancient Freemasons which I’ll check out but sure there is nothing in my area for them. The site does state NOTE: They are not officially recognised by UGLE, as they do not conform to its constitutions. You know, just to keep us in our places. :expressionless:

VoodooWalk - You are lucky to have such a mentor. I’m not sure if one will show up in my life.

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Yes and no. Sacred geometry deals with the form math/science can take in the form of shapes which can be used for energy manipulation / magick (insert choice of word here) if desired :slightly_smiling_face:


Yah, they don’t allow them in the fraternity, but they are still equal and you can still go talk to them.

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The difference between free masonry and the church is that free masons believe women have a role in the on-goings of the universe / masonic belief system.

Usually it is dependent on the specific club / legion and how they allow women to interact with them in their rituals as well as daily paths.

Also, in regards to the only welcome comment, where I experienced the most interaction with Free Masons was in Missouri and women were viewed to them as “Bringer of Life” as my friend put it. He really wouldn’t go into detail but he said women have a harder time earning their place in Free Masons because of the belief system. Not sure what that means but he did say they were not immediately welcome to women joining them in terms of ritual and rites but they did allow them to join them.

The Honorable Fraternity of Ancient Free Masons would be the only one that matters in terms of “rules” since in general they are viewed as the originators.

To put it bluntly, women are generally viewed the same in almost all religious / cult practices as the majority of our time on Earth has been based on Patriarchal views and not even remotely a matriarchy. It is the same in Free Masons as well, however it depends on where you live and if they’re truly Free Masons or a bunch of old men telling drunken stories around a fire.

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Most ordinary Catholics are not pedophiles.

Some priests are, and because it was a solidarity issue, others covered up for them, because “we’re all Catholics.”

I think whatever you discover, we need, as free-thinking (I hope) black magicians and seekers of ascent, to not go that route of seeing some people may share practices, beliefs, even worship some of the same beings we work with, and assume they are either totally innocent, and that their accusers are the evil ones (when you yourself see the evidence everywhere) or, worse, start thinking “well hell, maybe they have a point.”

There was an old working we did as a group on here a while ago, Taking Down Pedogate - Operation Hera

The tide has turned, the old order is smashed: painting ALL beings as “evil” which the desert cults of Abraham have so delighted in doing meant that people had fucked-up notions. It is part of my theogenesis concept to end these lies and flip the script in every way possible.