Real blood Magic & not for offering's to spirit's

So I wish to find good information on blood magic’s to find like minded people, if you use for offerering find but this isn’t what I am asking so keep that in please.

I am asking specificaly for Turning Blood & Fire into raw power be it baneful, Benine or Possative to didcuss & read.

I am open to curse, Hex, Blessing & telepathic message’s or implant as well as spirit command i.e not evoke’s but rather invoke’s as such being familiar I am also well equiped to reflect incase anyone has any funny idea’s ;).

Anyhow let’s see how this thread play’s out let the “Bloody game’s begin” let me play the first card.

Menstral Blood, I make no appolagize lady’s & I have tested this I can peirce any veil as well as spirit confirmed from high rank infernal empire.

Total BS it’s not stronger than reguler blood that is down to the will, work & gift’s from working spirit to the practicioner. Moral’s count for nye in this equasion & intent is very powerful here

Weather it’s from your lady part’s, vein’s or if your a male & feeling powerless in that lie break that veiw “The Empire Demad’s this”.

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Well. I’d love to comment but talking about the topic of menses is a kinda taboo on the forum nowadays due to the fact it’s illegal to use bodily fluids in the USA for someone to unknowingly consume it so…

Sorry man, I’ll just say you under estimate the power of a determined woman. Energy and intent are everything when it comes to this subject. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Just like the moon phases and planetary hours mean nothing if you don’t know how to use them to empower your works, same thing goes with this subject imop.

Looks more like you need an ego boost, with all those high and mighty claims however, than anything else, except maybe a challenge, to anyone who actually knows what they are doing with it- to prove you wrong. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Menstral Blood & reguler Blood being the comparison, Clearly I do not have it pysicaly in genitalia & peircing my dick is not going to happen, How ever determination & intent being everything rule’s out your point about a determined women & just place’s determination & intent making the whole reply Void.

Aslo When the police get called by a spirit because you are feeding them blood & it’s a health hazard well the world really is mad.

I had an oil diffuser that I would fill with Anna rivvis oil like power oil or dragon’s blood oil and then add a few drops of my blood to the oil and put it in a lie flame. My manifestations were faster and more flashy.


Outside of offerings, blood is more of an additive than something I use by itself. For example, mixing it with ink for sigil magic, mixing it incense for manifestation, feeding sachets with it, etc. I use it to boost the power of other workings and have been experimenting with blood extracted from different parts of the body to determine their effects such as different fingers, palms, sole of my feet, etc based on classical associations. I would argue tattooing with the purpose of evoking change as being a form of blood magic as well.

To summarize, there are many different uses for blood beyond offerings, but I would say there are drawbacks such as cheapening the act by performing it too often over time. It stops having the emotional reaction of sacrifice.

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I use menses blood in rituals that need an earth element. When dried, it has a glossiness. Crush it and it’s like a dark red glitter. As a fertilizer, it’s high in nitrogen which promotes growth (as opposed to fruiting) so I use it accordingly. Like Keteriya said, it’s about intent.

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I’d agree with you there, blood letting and blood use should be special.

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In Fountain Pen Ink Bottle can make that ink very powerful for spell’s & Sigil’s, Although I rarley use a sigil anymore. So agreed there.

Honestly I don’t see the need for your worthy ego here. We want to learn and we most certainly don’t need you. So just step down off that moral horse.

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:woman_shrugging:t2: If you say so, I’m not the one claiming to be special.


What is blood magic , blood is a bridge for intention and connection using your dna , it can be mixed in like anything like oils or whatever

Better I appolagize “The_Prophet” I miss clicked, Know how about instead of pointing to my post & poking at moral horse’s. You contribute valid point’s or please kindly but out please.

Why don’t we all just give some to Hekate. I’m sure she would like it. :laughing:

I’ll keep an open mind on the subject and engage since it seems like you’ve put this into practice. As a guy I can’t think of a use for someone else’s period blood besides for a love spell.

So I’ll ask how you would proceed. You’re madly in love with a woman. You’ve somehow acquired one of her tampons. How do you use it in a love spell?

An effigy/voodoo doll?

Either of those would work.

I use mine in the chalice and do healing work.