Ready to work with spirits, but who?

OK so I took a break for a month because I wanted to further work on myself and maybe take up a new thing. I ended up doing divination with playing cards as some of you know. Well that month has passed and I feel ready. But now that’s I’m ready I’m now stuck, because idk who to work with! My solution was to do a reading to figure out the personality of the spirit I should work with. I came up with this because when I was doing readings I would have times where the cards would tell me the personality of a person. So I did it with a spirit. The cards I pulled for personality were 2 of clubs, Jack of spades, king of diamonds, and 5 of diamonds. The two of spades is a partner in work. To me this means people do pacts with this spirit, also it means it’s a spirit that will personally work with you to achieve your goals. The next card is the jack of spades. This card means bad thoughts or thinking badly of. I think this means some people personally don’t like working with This spirit because it is rude or blunt, maybe straight forward. After that Is the king of diamonds. This card is for a high intelligence, controlled emotion, and good at controlling material things. The last card feels like a give away to me. It’s the 5 of diamonds. The spirit will change what ever needs to be changed to make what you want to happen, or to move things out of your way to make you better. First initial thought is belial. The bad thoughts could be his blunt honesty, and the 5 or diamonds seems like something he would do. I’ve never had a successful connection with belial, so I might be wrong on these details. Who do you think the cards could be describing?

I actually immediately thought Belial as well, but it could also be Azazel.


I also agree with you, I’ve been seeing azazels name alot

I pulled a few more cards s to see what the spirit could help me with and it looks like it can help with trusting intuition and help g yourself improve. Help growth and balance yourself out. It can help build a strong foundation for spiritual workings and practices and can help protect against the ones against you.

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I’m getting more and more interested in spirits the more I’m here.

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I get that lol

It was a passive interest when bored now it’s me living through others experiences lol maybe one day I’ll take the leap, so many spirits but I’m not sure whose for me.

Trust your gut. Just look through some names and see what they do. The one you pick is probably already waiting for you…

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You could do a Yes/No pull for groups of them. Find a list, chop it into sections, and do a series of Yes/No pulls to determine which you should work with early on. Then, from that list, narrow down which should be first. That way, you have a subset of them that should be willing to work with you, in case one or more of them don’t pan out. Could use a pendulum for it, too. Your call.

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