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So my my name is Marina ( I am an ESL so forgive me for mistakes while writing), I am here to learn everything about the left hand path, and my knowledge is really little but the basics. I am 27 years old, I love vampires so that how I found you guys while reading your conversation about the poem “Ode to the vampire mother”. I did try it but on a new moon instead of a full moon. What else? Just make questions and I’ll answer honestly.


Welcome, I’m also new to magic and also an ESL, so I can tell you most people here is understanding about language barrier.

I hope you have fun and find what you’re looking for.

Very latin name, by the way. Native Spanish speaker?

Actually my name is a Russian name, and I am at most Italian :v:

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What’s your nationality??

I’m Argentinian.

Cool :grin: :grin:

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Tell us more about yourself?
What spiritual practice have you done?
What are your goals in magick?
What are you expecting to learn?

I used to be a Wiccan, i used to do at most self reconstructing spells, and I learned to canalize my energy for a specific purpose and learned meditation, visualization. the basics things. After that I had a break because too many things happened in my life so I couldn’t be free to practice and my lack of informations and people were in my way. Then when I had the chance(a year ago) I started all over again but it was just a learning path because my interest went from Wicca to the left hand path. I started believing that I could take control of my life more than in my younger age. If I wanted something I could get it and teach people that deserve a lesson ( I used to be bullied, abuse mentally and physically and more). I can talk about it right now cause I got over it. I grew up. My goal was always one but I didn’t had the knowledge for that. TO BECOME A VAMPIRE. I expect to learn everything​:grin::grin::grin:


You are in the right place. Use the search bar on the top right. Many topics have been discussed in the past, so that would be very resourceful when it comes down to finding information

Other than that welcome to the forum!!!

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Thank you😁

Welcome to the forum @LilithBelle

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Thank you :grin: