#1: IrisAthena
#2: Encore19
#3: Asorotiath
#4: Akshapatil
#5: Ronnie
#6: Roseholic
#7: Xag_darklight
#8: Morpheus34
#9: Dasheen
#10: Alleyne
#11: Monica7
#12: Eibwen_Glab
#13: Dolphin

There. No more slots open :slight_smile:


Come on I miss this? :pensive::pensive:
Kindly make it 14!
Thank you!




Ok…In boxing👊


I am glad to take a few of the ones you (@Netherman )are unable to give a read to (you are already fully booked for the 13 people) during this working week (from today until friday).

If @Netherman is happy, I am happy to take whoever will not be able to receive a reading from him/her. I am happy to receive PMs. I will take up to 5 people that @Netherman is not able to provide a reading to. I am happy with either general readings or more specific questions.
I am also happy to erase this post if @Netherman is no happy for me to support him in this thread.

Goodcluck and thank you for your energy, @Netherman.


@Illumia check this out @NoxLotus is on her good day.


Let’s wait for @Netherman 's approval before I take the step and help releasing the queue, please

I don’t want to intrude or offend him as he has kindly offered his time and this thread for all of you.


I understand, we wait for his approval and understanding!




Lmao. I was about to edit it but now I am gonna leave it for the giggles.


Hi @NoxLotus
Sure. I will be doing the readings for the first 13 in this thread

I already started and will send these people mentioned above my interpretations tomorrow. Night night.


too bad i arrived late :confused: i could definitely want to exchange readings in favor of practice


Why do I always miss these offers?


Have now gotten theirs. The rest I WILL get to this week, please be patient. It took me a bit longer than I expected :grinning:


Everybody is served :grinning: Thank you all for letting me practice this skill.


You are a sweety. Thank you for helping people.




I have to say @Netherman’s reading was quite accurate! Kudos!