Thanks to the nice words of @Morgana9 I have decided to offer some readings, to develop my skills. For this I will be using my own deck and spread.
Please note the following:

  1. These will be GENERAL readings. There is no point in asking me specific questions.
  2. I will only do 13 of these for now. The first 13 to post in this thread will receive their reading sometime this week.
  3. Point 1 and 2 mean that it is useless to be poster number 14 asking about their lovelife.

Please state in your reply if you want me to post your answer here or via PM.


Ohhhh, me, me! Send it to me by PM, please & thank you.


I would like one thanks! And whichever you prefer, here or PM


Can you pm me this too please I can give you energy in exchange if you’d like @Netherman


Can i pm you the question ??


Count me in, im a newby, Ronnie Rowland Jr age 41, sign is Cancer.
.You can post the results openly…thanks!!!


@akshapatil …lol


Would love one :slightly_smiling_face: PM please


I want one please!


Me to please


Can I have one? Pm would be good thanks!


It happens sometimes :grinning:


All of you above, I will send you your readings. I hope tomorrow. @akshapatil … We have been talking via PM my friend, so I know what your question is. I will add you to this, but it is a GENERAL READING :wink:


i would love one , please


I will wait your reading. Cheers mate


Count me in, you can send it via pm. Thank you!


I’d like one!

Disregard if I’m # 14 or higher lol

Edit: I think I’m #12? Please send mine by PM, thank you :blush:


Not sure what number you are up to, but would like a reading! PM me!


@Dolphin I’m pretty sure you were #13 :blush:


13 is my lucky number!!! :+1::+1: