Please forgive my ignorance but I normally associate readings as being done in person. What would be the process of doing them on here through pm. I am kinda interested?!!

The amount of ways to do readings is infinite. You could get their name and do it that way, or a photo of them, or just use their username as an individual unique identifier. Its up to you.


Interesting I posted this in journals but figured it was more of a general question. This is very interesting to me

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There is a thread somewhere with a tutorial on it

I do readings for practice tuning in to different things, working on intuition.

I take a deep breath, and then visualize my energy in my chest. I close my eyes, and try to see from the perspective of the energy. Imagine if your eyes were suddenly on your chest, but youre not looking at the room around you.

Then, I use their username because it is connected to the them. I repeat the name, and move the energy in my chest out towards them gently. Using the prior visualization, my eyes see images, my intuition gives impressions. The images are usually a lot more symbolic, and the impressions are more straightforward.

That’s just how i’ve been rocking it


That’s awesome. What type of stuff can you usually get from it. Sorry if I’m asking to many questions.

Don’t be sorry, questions are why this forum exists :slight_smile:

If you check out the power sensing scans & swaps thread you’ll see a bunch of different things from the various ways people scan. Keep in mind that when scanning, there’s a distinct possibility of personal tint being thrown over the vision, especially with the symbology of the images themselves. I usually get flashes that I try to thread together, and in the threading the image/details start standing out


This is a big thing to watch out for. If you read through the scanning thread, you will see a lot of people get caught in this, mistaking what is in their own head for the truth of who they’re scanning. It’s very tricky sometimes to know the difference.