Reading Wax in Breakup/Love Spell combo

My apologies if this is in the wrong spot! It seemed like it could go in a few places but ultimately this seemed like the best place for it.

I have been doing some breakup/come to me workings lately, and I feel VERY confident about it. In the past I’d feel so anxious and doubtful about this type of work, but this time I have a detached, confident feeling about it.

I’d like to get some second opinions on the behaviour of wax during my ritual, as something happened that I’d never seen before and I thought it could open an interesting and productive discussion about wax reading. I already have my strong gut feelings about what it means, but it’s nice to see what others think.

I did a moving candle breakup spell combined with Come to Me (two black figure candles and one red female one). The black female candle (target’s GF) began to burn normally, but about 25 minutes in her head “erupted” with a great spilling of wax everywhere. This did not happen to the other two candles, who did not even have a single wax dripping at that point.

As her candle continued to burn, it left huge pools of wax, many twisted pillars, and even these weird “claws” that reached out horizontally behind her towards the male figure candle and I moved them apart.

To me, this indicates she will strive to make the breakup as messy as possible, and that she does not want to let him go. For the “head explosion”, I’m not quite sure on the symbolism.

After I had reached the point where the black male candle and red female candle were touching, the wax of the red candle began to drip into the wax of the black candle, and combined there, causing the resulting wax from the black candle to spill out the other side as a burgundy colour.

After some time, the black candle began to “exchange” it’s wax with the red candle as well, causing the burgundy wax to spill out the back of the red candle, eventually fusing the two together.

To me, the symbolism of the red wax running through the black candle is an indication that the magical influence of the “come to me” spell is taking hold on the target, the influence “running through him” so to speak.

The male figure candle continued to burn for about 12 hours after both female figures went out, causing the wax of the black and red candles to form a little pool which fed the wick for so long.

The strongest sign came a few hours after the male candle went out: the target posted about his new tattoo of a candle, which I had no idea he was getting.

I combined this moving candle spell with a 7 day break up candle, which burned down in 3-4 days with a sooty top and clear bottom and had an extremely tall, chaotic flame the whole time. This tells me that the spell hit it’s mark, but may have impermanent or incomplete results. As such, I have lit a second breakup vigil which so far has been burning completely clear.

Overall, I feel like these are incredibly good signs. I know this particular couple is already hanging by a thread.

I’ve just never really paid close attention to wax signs before and these signs made me wonder what others think. I feel a calm, detached confidence in this spell that I’ve never felt before in any of my work.

Let me know what you guys think, and I’d also love to hear some of your stories about signs in the wax/glass/flame and how those workings ended up for you.