Reading Trade

I need another intake on my situation . Caught between 2 lovers . I’ve done 2 tarot readings on my situation with 2 different decks. one was positive & one was negative for each of them.
However I’ve also been practicing love magick for the past year. I had an end out with my lover so I did a cut the cord spell . And 3 weeks later he came back to me all on his own … now hes left again . I dont know if I should continue to use magick on him . Or if I should let him go . I dont want to get into too much detail so it doesnt affect my reading . But they both are very important to me.

Anyone with strong clair senses in dire need of your help/direction .


I’m down with a root canal gone bad but I’ll read for you when I’m feeling better. I don’t don’t use any divination tools I just do claircognicance.

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Great! Hit me up when u can ! I feel so lost. Thanks

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I’m definitely not at my best so I could be wrong but does one of them have short dark hair and facial hair?

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They both have facial hair . One has brown hair long on top and shaved around the sides and back of his head .

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He wears it in a bun?

No bun . Direct message me . I dont mind hearing what u have to say . Even if you’re not at your best

OK I’ll send you a pm

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Pick one lover or none.

I’m not with either of them . I just need some insight to see my paths more clearly