Reading/Scan help

Honestly, i’m not sure how to title this or what to say kinda so bear with me yk

Haven’t been on here in a while since life is crazy and not going the way I think it should. I was wondering if someone could do an energy scan on a situation I’m currently in (or a tarot reading, it doesn’t really matter)

I’m fine giving a tarot reading or scan back afterward because no one likes a beggar and im certainly not one

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There actually is an existing thread for that. If you had used the search function first you’d know that. I will direct you to this thread then…

Hello @chi,

Your post is relatively old and I really hope you feel better now.
Right now you’re a winner and you enjoy your success after hard work and struggle. You will continue getting fair payment for your efforts. Your issues came back from your feeling of being oppressed by circumstances or emotions which feeling initially led you to depression but afterwards to desire for a new start after a painful ending that may have shattered your life. Your success became overwhelming with responsibility and just before your final vision you felt so very down and oppressed that you were about to give up, but that is passing away. Currently you have accepted the situation though the discontentment is still present. You will need to recheck your plans for expansion. Not to give up on them but to reconsider if they’re practical and appropriate for your abilities. May be you had overestimated yourself thinking that you could do everything by yourself. Just check your plans with someone more experienced, educate and prepare yourself better. You have no more illusions about a specific love relationship and your ex is seeing you as a generous person always ready to share his talents with the world hoping that they will be gratefully accepted. But are they really accepted? Even so - is this enough for a relationship? To always give generously and your partner only to accept?
Now you hope to begin a new venture, possibly business oriented and this enterprise will cumulate great success.