Reading Request

I would be highly obliged if someone who is confident about their divination skills can provide me one reading.

it is an important issue for me and currently i dont have much confidence of my divination skills .

thanx :slight_smile:

Anyone helped you with this yet? Im pretty good with the Tarot, and would do a spread for you if you liked.

Whisper me your request. Consider it a service.

I have posted a topic wherein I offer 5 free readings. However, I will do you one freely and separately from the others.

If you’re interested, please see this:

[quote=“Illustrious”]Every Free Reading comes with the following:

  1. A photo of YOUR reading/the placement of the cards
  2. My notes and conclusions
  3. Optional - A list of the cards that appear in your reading, in chronological order, and their specific meanings and what they mean to the reading. This option is meant primarily for people who are learning Tarot themselves and wish to see how and why I arrive at my conclusions. If this is something you desire, please include in your posting that you would like to see this particular list in your reading.[/quote]

Post here, or message me please.