Reading Needed...Detailed Reading in Return

Hi All,

I am in desperate need of a reading, any type welcome. In return I’ll offer back a detailed tarot & clairsentience reading for you.

I am in the tricky relationship situation of a) do I stay? Or b) do I go? And what am I risking if I go…and yes, I’m caught between two lovers and need to know which way to go

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Also, I have been working with Duke Dantalion and Duchess Gamory…if anyone can tell whether I’m making progress on that front, that would be awesome :slight_smile:

I’ll pm you.

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I’ll pm you too.

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Are you still doing this?

Yes. Are you interested in a trade?

I would definitely be willing to trade. :slight_smile:

Same here . I feel like I’m at such a crossroads . Perhaps you would benefit from a hekate tarot reading (queen of the crossroads) . Message me if youre interested