Reading by -TWF-

TWF provided a through and insightful look into the situation I asked about. His accurate confirmation of some of my own knowledge of the situation has led me to further confidence in his abilities. I absolutely recommend his work.

TWF never disappoints, with the one exception being unless you’re betting on soccer matches.

Thank you for the kind review Narius, I really enjoyed reading on your question. It’s refreshing to read on a serious practioner’s situation. I much prefer it to the usual questions I receive.

Yes Frater A, soccer matches (and NFL as well) apparently are not my forte, crushing as it is to admit.

I agree with the aspect that TWF is able to give great readings concerning ascent and path working.

PS: If you want to know the outcome of sports games do the damn work yourself and use people like TWF for serious readings if you’re SERIOUS about your majickal endeavors.

TWF is spot on and knows his shit. His readings are something that I cannot currently replicate. Good man!!

I have to echo everyone’s thoughts here. I recently got two readings done for my partner by TWF and they were spot on. He’s a pro and excellent to deal with.

TWF did a magnificent reading on the healing workings I asked from the forum.

Thank you, and I appreciate the help you have given me during a difficult time.

Very impressive! He was able to pinpoint what problems both Mundane and Magick that where causing me great frustrations.
Truly amazing gift you have my friend! THanks!