Reading become a living God

I’ve been reading the book for become a living God. Has anyone else read it? What success have you had with the spells in it?

Well man the right of evocation works ive had a success with Bune And an ongoing one with Viné. Candke magick works pretty well but depends on the sympathetic link and i havent gotten to try soul travel yet.

Dude I got this last week and finally last night when I was trying to soul travel … my body started fucking vibrating … I was like yeah all psyched n shit … fucked myself up cause I ended up bringing my self out of it …

dude i used to smoke mad weed back in the day and it’s funny cuz i used to get so blasted that my body would like be all passed out n shit and I would be snoring but I was still awake and very aware of what was going on around me … the experiences sound the same but they’re not cuz when I was blasted it’s like my whole self stood inside my brain … but doing the soul travel exercise is like bring myself out of my mind Im still trying to get myself out of my body …

i cant even explain it so this may be kinda or really stupid but yeah, thatz my rant on that

I wonder if you can push yourself into a wall will doing soul travel and haunt a place but not really cuz you’re still alive but whatever I know Im gonna try it

That book is fucking AWESOME!

Im just posting this here get it the fuck out my head… On monday I was trying to do the meditation on this … it was all good and shit I swear it felt like my eyelids opened and I could see but I totally had my eyes shut … so i kept trying to see everything around me … I was laying down just on my bed … then it felt like something pulling me from my back into the bed I was like fuck it just go with it … it was just dark nothing really interesting happened … LuuulZ but now Im fucking seeing black disks fucking fly by, they’re not even subtle they just whip by … I feel like Im trippin

When you do weird shit, weird shit happens!