Reading a Invocation in your head doesn't summon anything...right?

So when I read a Grimoire in my head as a read a Invocation/Evocation that doesn’t call anything right?? For something to happen you would have to say it out loud?


Well, it’s the intent that matters. Just practicing won’t summon anything.


True, it depends on intent, if that was the case there’d be misguided magick all over the place. Out loud or in your head its what you put behind it. You’re the temple, the altar, when in the state to perform magick all things else can be seen as visual aids and tools. I perform ritual both at my altar and will also do it in my head, the spirits can hear without ears but only if you want them to hear you


I would say no. As others have mentioned, it is all about the intention behind the act. If you did not intend to read it in order to summon something right then and there, it is just words. Nothing more.


Sometimes I start to fantasize a bit when reading those parts and it feels as if I’m actually doing the ritual or saying the words, but still nothing happens so it does require quite a bit of effort.


I agree. Even if you are to do something like the no tool evocation method while reading, that takes much more effort than fantasizing the ritual. You have to install will to bring that being forward during the imagination session.


Nah, man.
Sometimes the spirits I intend to call are coming to me even before I did anything official (last night it just happened again, for example). Doesn’t mean I will skip the ritual part, tho. (I like it way too much to do so, anyway)


Yeah sometimes you do see some interdimentional time travel shiznit like that, but it probably means you absolutely were gonna go through with it so don’t worry too much about that.


I never worry about anything :slight_smile:


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In Yoga lots of mantras are said in the mind because of the breathing exercises. The intention counts


Uuuuummmmm …yes . reading things in your head CAN get attention. In my experience going over things intensely in my mind can shift the energies of my location and bring attention to myself, but I have never gotten a FULL BLOWN knock me on my ass manifestation of an entity just from that. But that could be because when I notice the energy changing and feel eyes on me, a presence moving my way, I STOP for a bit and try to pay attention to how much I’m giving in to the mental run through when I’m not intending to actually do the ritual right then.

Time span can have an effect though. I’ve …uh… accidentally cast spells…on people in the past by enjoying intense mental run throughs of casting such a spell on the person for a few days in a row…
And I have had experiences where I couldn’t get an entity out of my mind for a few weeks or so and it kept drawing them closer and closer and closer.

So really, it depends on exactly how much energy you are investing, albeit unintentionally, into your mental sphere at the time. How much are you LOSING yourself in it? Dropping your dissecting “rational” mind and just feeling everything. That’ll put you in touch with the energies of the ritual and entities/people involved whether your circle is cast or not.

This is simply my experiences.


Best answer right here 100%

Just by making yourself aware of a being will open a door to it. And that door remains open forever. But to invite it through the door requires focused intention or a very strong desire for something.

It happened to me the year before last. Just by reading The Book of Azazel, I opened the door to Azazel and his legions. They poured into my living room as I was reading about the Gatekeeper ritual. And I hadn’t had any intention of calling them forth at the time of reading the book. However, I did have a very strong desire to receive help to get out of the situation I was in, and the Universe always delivers in the path of least resistance. So, Azazel and his legions walked through the door that opened. I’m glad they did. They turned up in the nick of time.


Thinking “I evoke you, Name” isn’t going to summon anyone, at least eggregores and such aside, for example this one is a thing I do. Regardie advised to get a first impression of magickal practices, indeed… Sometimes I also did an invocation of the elements just to reinforce a magickal field in my room, prior to future workings.

@A_Pariah gotcha! Thanks!

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I have summoned entities just by reading a ritual involving them. When that happens I’m usually in 2 different places at the same time and I’m actually performing the ritual on that “other” place at the same time I’m reading it. People in this forum have reported to unconsciously summon beings connected with the grimoire they’re reading.
Just saying, could be me though.


I’ve noticed that if I’m just reading something or playing it out in my head, I don’t seem to call anything.

But if I’m exercising and trying to entertain myself and playing something out, if I get too involved in it and start really getting into it, I’ve caught the attention of the Deity I was thinking of more than once. This is normally followed with an apology and a bit of a laugh.


Bears repeating.

Rehearsing the ritual as if you were doing is is very similar to doing the ritual in your astral temple

  • Intention is everything
  • as soon as you are directing your will with intention, you have asked… ask and you shall receive.

Just reading, aloud or internally, without intention, doesn’t do anything much…

Though, just to play devils advocate with myself - if the reason you’re drawn to reading the content is because you’ve been called by the entity to do so, it’s probably already there.