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Let’s try feeling out the energy of the latest/most called on/most influential spirit in someone else’s life (similar to Feel Me Touch Me Thread, but focus is on the surrounding energy), and then giving an intuitive guess in this thread.

The other person then confirms or denies the guess.

Would be another awesome way to practice feeling energies and discerning between spirits. :slight_smile:



Have you worked with a lunar spirit? Just a guess

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Okay I’m curious if what y’all see around me

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I would check… But I think I already know :sunny:

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Haha probably

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Hmmm, no.

Try again. :smiley:

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Now I’m curious on what some will say… I feel it’ll be interesting. :smile:

Hmmm… I somehow thought Belial, but King Paimon comes to my mind as well.

This ain’t easy turns out. :joy:

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It’s not one of the Goetia, right?

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A demon of art?

Yeah, correct that it’s not

Hmmm… yeah. I think you’re picking up on something.

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Could someone check me too? :smile_cat:

Most likely a water spirit. Either not that well known, or Mesopotamian.

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Good try, but No. I’ve only worked with King Paimon twice :laughing:

Is it a goetic demon?


I get something darkish.

Really reminds me of Belial’s vibe.

Interestingly, some sources say Belial is pretty good with necromancy.

So, something necromantic/dark?

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Well, I do got one around me that isn’t well known

Yeah. There are actually two who fit the art thing.

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I get something fiery.

Sun/fire related spirit?

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